Thursday, June 28, 2007

找亞里山的姑娘去也 Taiwan Here I come



The one and only time I had been to Taiwan was for my honeymoon upteem years ago; and I have always wanted to visit it again. Tomorrow, I will be going with my colleagues and friends sans hubby because he has a big project on and unable to take leave. How sad!

Never mind, I will turn my sadness to energy in SHOPPING, EATING and SHOPPING!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

俏新娘子塔塔的生日 Happy Birthday to TaTa!

Kahlua Coffee Mousse Cake

塔塔, 特別為你拍下做妳生日蛋糕的過程,回台灣要做給塔媽吃啊!




Tata is one of my earlier US webfriends,and I am truly blessed to get to know her。 I think most of you have read about her in my earlier post so I won‘t bore you again。

Happy Birhtday, Rita !
God bless you today and everyday!

Monday, June 25, 2007

繼續牛下去 Roast Beef - pass the au jus please

又容易煮又容易食的燒牛柳,配上馬令薯萍果沙律,棒棒棒!加一隻燒雞給我自己,偶減肥耶! 哇哇哇,誰在笑???

Wow, is that a piece of charcoal??? Oh dear, fortunately the inside of that roast beef was quite moist and medium done, just the way my hubby likes it. Had foresight and made a chicken on standby, heee. I love the salad, it has potatoes, cauliflowers and apples inside, yummilicious!

咕嚕牛一呀 Happy Birthday to Louisa





DARLING 咕嚕's birthday, yeah yeah yeah!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

今晚的晚餐 Dinner time


Babe Dearest will start her mid year exams tomorrow, how stressful for her. She has been studying nonstop for the past week and poor darling is working so hard. Made her favorite Mexican Fideo for her, and also a steak.
Just Strive for your excellence, darling!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

偉強生日快樂!Happy Birthday to Bryan

昨日是 Bryan 的十八歲生日,因為一早約好一班好朋友吃晚飯慶祝,我就等今日才補請他吃飯吧。。。一年過得真快,去年也在家開了個派對為他慶祝,一下子又一年了,想到歲月慛人老,都是不要想下去好了。

去年為契仔煮了泰國餐,今年就煮我家小孩們最愛吃的Rosemary燒羊排吧!蛋糕就照寿星仔量身而做的:用兩個布朗尼做主體,中間有黑朱古力Truffles mousse 做饀,外層是ganache,加上白古力寫字,上面是美國買回來的Truffles 做裝飾,簡直是朱古力怪才會欣賞的蛋糕,不要小看這八吋蛋糕,重量有四磅多啊!
Birthday dinner for Bryan darling! 18 years old, wow... must make him a nice dinner and this year will be my children's favorite, Lamb Chop with Rosemary a la Raffles... meaning this is a copycat version. Oh well, that is why I must go to fancy hotel to eat, so I can learn new presentation, haaaa.
Introducing this year's "Gateau d'amour"; full 4 lbs of it. Under the chocolate ganache is two brownies with truffles mousse as filling. The top is decorated with white chocolate lettering and more Truffles brought back from US. yes, not for the faint hearted, but made to measure for the beloved birthday boy!

Friday, June 22, 2007

謝謝你們的支持 ONE year old CRADLE !

一年前的今天,我開始我博格之旅,在過去的三百六十四日,每天都從這兒和不同的网友交流,分享,互動,讓我得益良多! 從中認識了一大班好友; 有志同道合的煮食猫友,也有越洋的主內弟兄姐妹; 香港,澳門,台灣, 中國,美國,紐西蘭, 澳洲, 英國, 加拿大 等等。。。其中好幾位我有幸在香港或星加坡與她們一聚,由网友變成好朋友,我很感恩,知道不是偶然,我會珍惜神賜給我的朋友們,從中你們給予我不少寶貴的意見和鼓勵,這一齊都是在我意料之外的收穫!


Today is ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY for this little cradle... Thank you so much for each of you for reading. Lil I knew that I will get to meet so many new friends through this little place, and I am grateful.
I love to hear from all of you, so do leave a word or two for me...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

踩到的禮物 Thank You Judy

謝謝你,Judy, 我收到了!

哈哈哈,拍謝啊! 未來師母Judy千里寄來我踩到的獎品,,是一本書叫Stories of Hope for a healthy Soul,同時很開心收到Judy寫的卡,看到她手寫的字就好象把那千萬里拉近很多一樣, 耶!

Look at my prize from hitting JACKPOT at Judy's blog, haaaaa!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

特別為塔塔已設 For You, Rita

Voila, Black Forest Cake

decorate with grapes and lychee to give it a fruity variation as hubby likes fruits. you can put chocolate flakes and cherries if you prefer

pipe flower patterns on top of cake with whipped cream and chocolate flakes on side of the cake all round

put whipped cream on side of cake, so the chocolate flakes can stick to the side

after layer cream twice, put the last piece of sponge cake on the cream

put one slice of cake at base, put on some cream, put as many drained cherries as u want, then put another layer of cake and do the same

drain juice from sweetened cherries, add about 25 ml of the juice and 2 to 3 tbsp of kirsch (cherry flavored cocktail mixer) into the whipped cream

double cream about 500 ml, whipped till 80% stiff

Trader Joe's dark chocolate, grate into flakes

1. can of sweetened cherries
2. 2 tbsp of kirsch
3. one chocolate sponge cake, cut into 3 slices
4. 500 ml of whipped double cream
Pretty bride Rita,, is one of the earlier US Christian webfriends I met through blogging. I really appreciate her sharings and friendship, and her laughter is really infectious (yes, we laughed through half of our phone conversation last Thanksgiving). Just a couple days ago, she requested that I write down the recipe and steps while I make my cakes. Well , as I told her before, my cakes are so primitive that it is not worth learning. My decorative skill is really terrible and I have yet succeed in making chocolate fencing because the hot weather here in Singapore.

Anyway, as I made this Black Forest Cake for Father's Day this morning; I remembered Rita's request, so I took some pictures and hope you won't laugh.
塔塔, 您要图文介绍,不要见笑!

Monday, June 18, 2007

爸爸節晚餐 Daddy's Day Dinner

Black Forest Cake

Miso Soup
Bonito Cold Tofu

Scrambled eggs with onion

Softshell Crabs

Japanese Curry

每逢特別節日,我一家多數不會出街與全世界的人搶位食大餐,真的沒有什麼意思啊,所以今年父親節,就邀請了另一個好爸爸Allen (也是囡囡青梅竹馬朋友的爸爸)來一齊食飯慶祝,Allen的兩個寶貝都在澳洲讀書,就用我的兩個做佈景板啦,哈哈哈!其實Allen 同 太太Pauline真是由小看到他們大的,一下子就十三四年,好快!
Father's Day dinner : Japanese food
We celebrated it with another great father and our good friend, Allen. Allen n Pauline's two lovely daughters are in Australia studying at the moment, so my kids are on standby, heeeee.....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

爸爸節快樂!Happy Father's Day!





Saturday, June 16, 2007

健康食品之二 - 蒸蘿蔔糕

我都話我中意食健康食品啦,祗可惜我喜歡的蒸蘿蔔糕,家中無人欣賞 ,所以次次整完就要送外賣,麻煩朋友及同事幫手吃 ,好彩佢地好賞面,次次都話好好食 ,讓我在家人面前可以o拿番o差沙 !

Do you like steamed turnip cake? I love it, but unfortunately my family can't stand it. Don't ask me why, I am clueless as well! Luckily, my friends and colleagues like it, so I always make it on pretext of giving them away! Hey, it is healthy and it tastes good.
Since I was at it, I used up the half pumpkin that was left from the last cake and steamed it. Voila, steamed pumpkin cake anyone? Anyway, this one is for Sherry who told me few months ago that her grandma used to make this for her and it is not even sold outside anymore. With that in mind, just tried my hands at it.
Bon Appetit!

Friday, June 15, 2007

健康的晚餐 Healthy Dinner

I love pasta with load of vegetables, great way to get children to eat vegetables

地中海式烤菜 青菜沙律

I love to cook nutritious and healthy meals for my family, though it sure doesn't look it as I cook so much fried food. But it IS true... See how I disguise them!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

綠手指的勞作日 Happy Planting


當老公知道我特別喜歡後,去買了三棵白蘭來點綴我們的花園,真窝心,早知一早講俾佢知啦! 老公,多謝你啊!

Can you smell the fragrance of the flowers? They sure brought back fond childhood memory as "白蘭" was my grandma's favorite flowers. I remember whenever we went out shopping together, she would buy 20 cents worth of the flowers from the stallholder. The fragrance lasted for the whole day and whenever I see the flowers now, they remind me of my beloved grandma.
I didn't even know that Singapore has this plant till not long ago. After I told my hubby how much I love it and the story behind it that he went out to buy a few more last weekend, isn't that sweet?