Sunday, November 26, 2006

Prime Rib & Beef ribs dinner @ Eva & Thomas' Saturday

I will just let the pictures do all the talking.... only thing I want to highlight is that this is after my breakfast at the Perch, then Japanese luncheon, and NOW my favorite prime rib and beef ribs dinner --- MY WEIGHT MY WEIGHT MY WEIGHT, guess I will sleep on it!

Stuffing and Potato Au Gratin, yummmm

Grilled sea bass, look how big it is, imagine the size of the whole fish, woah!

BBQ beef ribs

Look how nice the prime ribs turn out, perfect, bravo Thomas & Eva

The chefs at work

Japanese Luncheon @ Shaab Restaurant, Pasadena

Can you believe we were to have lunch just 3 hours after the lovely breakfast we had at the Perch? Yes, it is true. I was certainly glad when we had to wait awhile for our table to be ready so can have more time to digest ...

The Cod Fish in this bento was very good...

I love the Tempura udon and the sashimi in the chirashimi are VERY fresh...

This is salmon teriyaki bento, yummy

Breakfast at the Perch on Saturday

What a lovely place for breakfast, right on the hilltop overlooking that scenic view there. We could even see humming birds flying around getting nectars from the tree right before us... Thanks Albert for the lovely breakfast~~

What a sumptuous breakfast spread! Ham frittata, turkey hash, wild berry scones, cinnamon rolls, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and tea~~

Ham frittata

Turkey Porridge Dinner @ Eva's

What better way to enjoy the rest of the turkey than to make porridge out of the turkey leftovers... to complete the meal, Thomas made beef kway teow, roasted more turkey drumsticks, braised turkey gizzards, and green vegetables too. SO satisfyingly delicious!

Baking lesson III - Wild Berry Scones

Wild berries scones. everyone! They are just SO delicious that I can't tell you how many I ate!

This is the first time I have seen scones made, thanks to Albert. There are lots of little hints to make this scone JUST PERFECT ~~

Baking lesson II - Pear Tart

This is the lightest and nicest pear tart I have ever eaten. I am also very thankful that Albert is willing to share with me his expertise and tips on making this yummy dessert. I just hope that when I go back to Singapore, I can make one as nice as his without my si fu by my side :)
Lots of steps and very time consuming, but if you have taken a bite of this delicious tart, you realize that all the hardwork is worth it.
Don't think you can just put the pears and custard filling in, no no no, need to bake it a bit first the master says.
Need to bake the crust with some weights inside, that way the pastry will be light and very fragrant.

I think I better practice how to roll out the pastry first ... not as easy as it looks here.
It will be a great challenge to make this tart in Singapore because of the weather. I am quite doubtful at this moment :( ... oh well, no venture no gain, we will see...

Baking lessons at the Perch - Cinnamon Rolls

Aromatic freshly baked cinnamon rolls... so satisfying to see them from flour to this lovely creation, then to our tummy for breakfast... thanks Albert for teaching me and demonstrating it despite the fact that we went shopping right after Thanksgiving dinner. Note: the shopping was from midnight the night before to 9am the yesterday morning. This baking lesson was done after our dim sum lunch and straight to the kitchen, because Albert invited us for breakfast at the Perch this morning. Talk about energetic... salute!

This is after rising for a couple of hours, it must be the cold weather, at the end we needed to put it in a warm oven to continue proofing it.

So fresh the teacher looks, who would have guessed that he hasn't sleep for at least 36 hours already, and he had to prepared for the Thanksgiving dinner the night before...

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Perch

WHERE IS MY TURKEY??? I want my nice, moist lovely turkey, ham, stuffings, roasted vegetables, creamed corn, sweet potato, mashed potatoes and of course my bowl of cream of chestnut soup, yummmm

Waaaaa, nice, aren't they?

The birds had been brined for one night and cooked with herbs, delicious..

Eva did this lovely leg of ham, so moist and juicy inside, melts in your mouth...

Roasted vegetables are just so colourful and nice... and the creamed corns , really nice
I just love stuffings, and these are EXTRA good of course...

The two birds were gone in no time, just too delicious for words

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Uncle Albert hosted the dinner at his lovely home, The Perch. The view is just fantastic, on the hilltop and all...lovely.

Let's look at the setting and the dessert first, don't have enough space for the main dishes... Uncle Albert's famous pear tarts, pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie, and my Hello Kitty Snowskin Mooncake, special request by my sister :)