Saturday, March 31, 2007

香港之旅 (四之中i) Hong Kong trip - Day 4 part IIa


MasterCat & her steamcakes, forgot to take pic of the book she gave me

new friend Tiger11 n her sesame seed toast, got me my favorite Chinese pastry too, thanks

pretty Yves n her gift of Thai spices

One and only cuty Kulu with her signature Hokkaido milk buns

Cheesy Mui Mui gave me a box of Madaleine & origami cakes with book

The lovely talented drama queen Milky Tiger, special thanks to her brownie effort, will collect it next time :)

sophisticated Penguin and aiya forgot to take a picture of the cranberry preserve she bought in UK

Last but not least, beautiful bride Wai Wai who IS SKINNY and SLIM and JUST NICE in size...

吖YEAH,又可以見到令我覺得很年輕的猫仔們,是為食猫靚女网聚呵。。。還有幸見到Wai,Yves 同Tiger11,上次來港因時間太倉促,沒機會見面,今次她們倆能抽空相聚,好感動。

我們去食上海菜,多謝咕嚕,喵喵策劃。。。席中有MilkyTiger一定沒有冷場,好多蜜蜂的猫大師坐我旁邊噏噏噏,企鵝同新娘Wai雞啄唔斷,好好人的Tiger11 同靚女Yves陪我老公傾談,讓我放心的去88。。。哈哈哈哈 ,好開心! 多謝各位的禮物 (掛著講講講,唔記得映藍雨的老婆餅添),我等你地來探我!
How exciting.... get to see all my meow meow old friends and meet new kitty Yves and Tiger11. I brought along my personal courier, Daddy Dearest, to meet them too (actually all the stuff is too heavy for me to handle, heee).
Let's take attendance: Kulu, Cheesey Mui Mui, MasterCatChef, Wai Wai, Penguin, Milky Tiger, and new friends Yves and Tiger11. HOW EXCITING!
Of course, as usual, we talked the whole restaurant down with our noise pollution and almost the last table to leave. Look at all the lovely yummies I got from them, dearie Blue Rain asked Kulu to buy Century Egg Pastry (one of my favorites) for me all the way from Yuen Long, esp thanks to Kulu hubby for his help too! Sorry Blue Rain, forgot to take picture ah... but you can find them in my pile of bread in later post!

香港之旅 (四之上) Hong Kong trip - Day 4 part I


So tired after three days of eating and shopping, slept in a bit and went to search for porridge. This one is not as nice as the one we had the other day, but still edible.

Friday, March 30, 2007

香港之旅 (三之下) Hong Kong trip - Day 3 part III

川椒雞, saute broccoli & fish fillets

yummy appetizers

期待已久的約會。。。。本來今晚是同三個新网友Amy ,Angfoo,及 Iris 見面,尤其是我老公,要見他的偶像 Angfoo,不知為什麼,自從他看過Angfoo的blog後,常說他直覺覺得我和Angfoo好似,好心啦,人地寫得咁好,這樣講真是大侮辱呀,對不起呀, Angfoo。

可惜緣慳一面,因為网聚那晚她要去一個婚宴,而不巧Amy的媽媽也入了醫院,所以衹和美女佳麗三號Iris見面。。。 Iris簡直同我想象中相差好遠,雖然我知她很好人,熱愛主,又幫助人有同情心,但當我見到她那麼樸素大方,穿著打扮都不像我心目中的會計師,又好健談,我們可說是一見如故,感謝主讓我認識一個好姐妹(妹),也因為Iris認識到Amy 和 Angfoo,真是神的恩典。

Iris 請我們去Pepper House吃晚飯,好好味,最開心是席中Amy同Angfoo打電話來,同她倆講電話時像老朋友一樣,笑聲滿佈,好期待下次有幸相見,當然老粉絲Daddy可同Angfoo相談,make his night。。。哈哈哈哈。。你地去看我們許食了什麼吧,唔好走寶。。。


The dinner Daddy Dearest and I had been excitedly anticipating for : my three new web friends Angfoo, Amy n Iris ; but at the end, only met pretty Iris. Cannot say I am truly totally not disappointed because I have wanted to get to know Amy and Angfoo, but I was DELIGHTED to meet sister Iris and shared about her vacations in Japan and Sydney and most of all her vision! We chatted n chatted n just shared about what God is doing in her life n her fervancy for serving God, what a good testimony Iris was, thank you dear!
All is not lost, Angfoo and Amy called during our dinner time and at least we got to talk for awhile. Daddy Dearest at least get to talk to his idol blogger Angfoo n so delightful. Take care gals, hope we can meet in person one day.

Remember, in all things rejoice in the Lord, look upward, God IS FAITHFUL!
Iris took us to Pepper House Restaurant to have dinner, what a quaint fancy place. Even the chopsticks rest is in shape of a red pepper; the food was tasty, we had Chilli KongPo chicken, Saute broccoli and yummy fish fillets! What a lovely meal! Time flies when you are having fun, Iris' bedtime is near, so we made it a night at around 9+pm. Just to show you what a great hostess Iris is, she even brought us to the restrooms in Sogo before we waved our farewells right at the toilet door!

Haaaa..... Really enjoyed meeting all of you; Iris in person, Amy and Angfoo via the handphone. Even the laughters in your voices make us feel like good friends! Remember to come and visit us, our garden awaits all of you!

香港之旅 (三之中) Hong Kong trip - Day 3 part II

beautiful flower garden on top of the Peak

in the midst of cloud

nice scenery at the midlevel

Repulse Bay

Stanley Market


Stanley Beach

Tai Tam Reservoir


真是好選擇,去了大潭水塘,淺水灣,赤柱沙灘,和去赤柱市場買衣服,每人都大袋小袋的踏上歸途。。好滿足。 再向山頂前進,真的去沒車不可的山頂頂,好多雲吹來,濛濛一片,好有情調啊!
Darling Cousin Stephen offered to drive us around today for sightseeing! How sweet of him, and definitely going to make good use of the car, kekekek... I chose Stanley Market and the Peak: Stanley Market because I haven't been there for n years , and the Peak because mommy wants to see it.
Good choices, had a great time looking at the sceneries and the nice houses along Repulse Bay, Tai Tam Reservoir and Stanley Beach. Of course not to forget of many bags of clothes that Daddy Dearest and I bought (hey, for my friend ah, not myself); even mommy bought some clothes and scarves and sourvenirs to bring back to US.
Then, we went to the top of the Peak, somewhere I have never been before (without car, you can forget it). Even with clouds blowing in our faces, we enjoyed it very much.
Thanks Stephen for taking the time to bring us out!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

香港之旅 (三之上) Hong Kong trip - Day 3 part I

yummy dim sums

lotus paste buns, don't they look like "peach" buns?



Wow, today is the third day already, midpoint of my vacation. Must make well use of my time, meaning more food and more shopping!

Had Dim Sum breakfast with my Aunty Lisa, looking as good as ever... Look at all the lovely dim sum, enuf said, don't count the calories please, I only know 5 of us ate 22 plates of dim sum... heee! Oops, who is counting?

香港之旅 (二之下) Hong Kong trip - Day 2 part III

Yummy mixed beef innards with noodle, a must have for every HK trip

Fried fish skin

Beef Balls, beef tripes n beef tendon rice noodle

Deep Fried big intestines

World famous smelly tofu, lovely octopus, pig's ears and crispy intestine. Even hubby asked for second round..



After the sumptuous Korean lunch and deposited my gifts at the hotel fridge, went out with my daddy n mommy for shopping and dinner. In the course of shopping at Garden Street, had a little snack of must have which are smelly tofu, octopus, intestines and pig's ears... SO YUMMY...

As Daddy and Mommy let me choose what to eat for dinner, GUESS what I chose.... ready??? My favorite mixed beef noodle AGAIN... haaaa.... I didn't get to eat it during my last trip, of course I have to make up for it. Good thing mommy didn't scold me ... heee.... Yum Yum!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

香港之旅 (二之中ii) Hong Kong trip – Day 2 part II b


Bees' Wheel of Fortune
車輪包, 貝果

Gigi curry chicken pies
Custard buns & Soft as pillow row loaf
吉士奶酥包, 排包, 雞批

Tendy's Seaweed crabstick buns

Adaw's pineapple tarts
yummy cookies
鳳梨酥, cookies

Wing Wing's cocktail buns

Blue Rain's flying piggy from Macau

Mabel's encouragement to me to go on "Journey of bread"

好開心,今日又可見到我的网友偶像師傅們,多謝LazyCat的安排,可以同師傅Adaw,Bees,Gigimoon, Kulu, Lazycat & Mabel 聚首,你地睇下我的包包餅餅,全部大師們出品。。。


Yippee! I am meeting my teachers today... yup yup yup! Thanks to Lazycat's planning, I get have lunch with C fu Adaw, Bees, Gigimoon, Kulu, LazyCat n Mabel (note: it is in alphabetical order, not by age or grade, haaaa). Look at all my "harvest", so self explanatory that I won't waste space here.

Just to report, I rushed back to hotel RIGHT AFTER LUNCH in order to put these precious darlings in my fridge so I can bring home for my home darlings to try. Of COURSE, I had to snap a bit from each in order to ENJOY the freshness of all these lovely food!

Thanks a lot everyone for the yummy food and the yummy gifts! Hope to see you soon in Singapore!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

香港之旅 (二之中i) Hong Kong trip - Day 2 part II a

The beauties

kimchi & assorted appetizers

yummilicious bulgogi

beef and pork

beef fillets

egg pancake

spicy kimchi soup

cold buckwheat noodles

beef shortribs

mango and sesame seed ice cream


Look at what we had for you can tell it is Korean. I love kimchi, and all those appetizers, bubolgi,bibimbap,cold noodles,tofu soup, sesame seed n mango ice cream,red dates tea etc etc... Needless to say, it was GREAT!