Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saturday, December 30, 2006

生日晚餐 Birthday Dinner for Allen

昨日星期五是好友Allen的生日,他也是我教会的好弟兄,两个宝贝与我的囝囡同年同班,青梅竹马,很难得的family friends!

Yesterday was Brother Allen's birthday! He is a good brother in Christ, great family friend and a terrific father all rolled in one. His two daughters are my kids' same age and went to same school since Kindergarten. I am just so happy that he and his family has been worshipping in the same church for the past 6 years, pray that God will continue to bless him and his family in years to come!

祝Allen主内平安! 神永远保守!

Just made a simple meal (without my maid is such a handicap :(, sigh) to celebrate this occasion, I made the lousiest steamed cake for him as Pauline and Allen prefer things less sweet; imagine my sadness when I saw the nicely risen steamed egg cake SUNK in front of my eyes when i took it out of the steamer... At least they were very nice n said they love it and even take home all the leftover cake.... ARGH!

Happy Birthday Allen, God bless you continuously and let's continue to pray for Pauline's salvation! IN HIS TIME!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

回顧2006 Looking back at 2006

还有四日2006年就过去了...突然间想想,我今年为神,为家人,为朋友,为教会,为同事做过了些什么啦? 如有成绩表的话,我有几多个红字,不合格啦?



念纪当天 事过境迁
人生幻变 无奈一张脸
遇困苦 心中百般愁
孤单感觉 谁願意接受

是祢一天 在我心中
柔声唤我 藏著接纳体谅
给我知 当走到人尽处


Four more days then it will be 2007~~ Tonight as I sit in front of the computer, I suddenly thought of what has happened during this whole year of 2006. Whether I have passed the tests... if there was a report card, what grade will God give me for what I have done this year; for HIM, for my family, for church, for my friends n for anyone that is in my life... Have I pass the tests? What have I done this year?

God, please forgive me for all the things I have done wrong, all the mistakes and most of all, my wilful attitude! God, you know my weaknesses, I surrender them all to you, I NEED YOU!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

超級女傭的聖誕蛋糕 Super Maid's Christmas Cake

我俾自己o既別號 "超級女傭" ---- 我o既擅長係懶,真係呀,我现在要自己做所有家务,我家的好助手回印尼探亲三个星期,但觉己五年....唉!

Bottle : "...人又懶惰,做野又慢又嫌痲煩,又無上進心都唔知道有乜人生目標...>.<見到身邊既人個個都博博博....唔博咪乜都無,一事無成,..但成日得把口講..從來都唔做...所以係大懶蟲一大條" .

藍雨: "放完幾日假,今朝一早起身,簡直係痛苦o既開始...返到公司,又唔願做o野,結果今日上足一日網...而家年尾了,要報稅,都仲係唔願意埋數...唉!真係懶到冇得救!" .

她們係在罵我呀!!! 哈哈哈哈哈!

I was THE super maid last night; in two hours, I cooked dinner, washed dishes, did laundry, mopped the floor, AND I even made this Christmas cake for Britney's school Christmas party. ALL within two hours, even I thought I was VERY good considering my reputation.....

Thank you Thank you for this Super Maid award! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicky for putting the laundry in the washing machine, Britney in cooking the rice and Bryan in sweeping the floor. Without them, I would not have been here receiving this WELL DESERVED trophy of a spatula! Bow bow bow! Please please, no need for standing ovation!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

墨西哥春卷 Mexican Burritos


This is one of the dishes I made for my church Christmas potluck dinner yesterday... I used minced beef and taco seasonings, all wrapped in tortilla; served with homemade salsa.

Monday, December 25, 2006

聖誕崇拜 Christmas Service


This year's Christmas service, we had family units or groups in singing praises .... very nice ... Must mention that Britney sang a solo part in Cantonese, for someone who doesn't speak Cantonese nor understands it at all, she did really well...


We had a potluck dinner after the service... so much delicious food... much nicer than catered ones..


Peter 弟兄刚从New Zealand回来探亲...聚下先!

Brother Peter just came back from New Zealand on Christmas Midnight, just nice to come for Christmas lunch and catch up!

Just a simple Christmas luncheon at my place with a few close friends...I used some gammon ham and turkey to make this cheese rice pilaf, very tasty.

The premium leg of ham was very good, got it from Cold Storage, just put a mustard crust and clove before baked it in the Weber for about 2 hours, very moist and nice!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

聖誕快樂(三)... Christmas Eve

聖誕大餐,应有的都有,好丰富呀,多谢彼得及Ai Peng的款待!
Christmas Eve Dinner... Turkey, Honey Baked Ham, Ribs, cranberry sauce , the whole work... Thanks Ai Peng and Peter for your hospitality... really enjoyed ourselves!

This is a tropical fruit yoghurt cake for my hostess ~~

聖誕前夕, 好开心呀....感谢主祢给我的礼物:我的救恩...

If it was 2006 years ago, Christ will be born in the manger soon... He came to give us the precious gift of eternal life; a gift that is so precious that no one else can give.

Thank You God for your gift of your Son, Jesus! And Thank You Jesus for your gift of eternal life! And Thank You Holy Spirit for your gift of being with us all the time!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

聖誕加生日庆祝(二) Merry Birthday to you, Andrew & Stacey

Choir Practice for Christmas Service~~~

Fresh Mango Cake ~~

今晚要庆祝Andrew及Stacey的生曰,也是Christmas party 加 choir practice....快点整个芒果蛋糕,再一盘火鸡pasta... 赶死我了,因为要出街食午餐罗! 唔肥就怪!

Happy Birthday to Andrew and Stacey! Tonight's party is so multi-purposed that really worth all the effort; two birthdays, Christmas celebration and choir practice all into one...

Rushing out a mango cake and my Christmas Turkey Pasta... ! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Friday, December 22, 2006

聖誕快樂(一).. Wish you a Merry Christmas - I



在公司和同事一起慶祝聖誕,不如叫狂吃聚會吧,很好吃好吃! 当然也有唱聖誕诗歌做余慶!
Had a nice little Christmas luncheon party in the office, nice food and nice carolling....

祝大家聖誕, 新年快樂! 蒙主更大的恩典!
Merry Christmas Everybody!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

纪念狗狗 Goodbye Rosie, we will miss you :(

喊喊喊,Uncle Albert 的狼狗Rosie 去世了,上个月在罗省还好好的...吖吁吁呵, 珍惜眼前人...珍惜一切!

Just heard from Alice that Uncle Albert's dog, Rosie, has been put down because of its brain tumor. How sad, we are so sorry to hear that. Just a month ago, Britney had such a great time playing with Rosie and Brody during Thanksgiving hols... sigh...

The brevity of life... It reminds me again to treasure every moment and don't take anything for granted.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

聖誕, 聖誕 Christmas is coming to town

五曰後就是聖誕節喇! 我知道很多朋友都为这普天同庆的大日子忙碌,在美国时,大多数人十二月初就怖置聖誕树,十五号後就烤曲奇送给亲朋,二十四号又煮大餐来庆祝...星加坡就没有那么注重,只买礼物开派对...

身为基督徒,我真惭愧,在忙碌中忘了聖誕節的真谛;就是耶稣两千多年前誕生在这世界,传扬神的愛,为救我们,为我们死,耒赎我们的罪,使我们得永生,有希望! 感谢主祢给我这聖誕礼物,钱买不到,人做不到的大礼物!

Five more days and it will be Christmas, a lot of people are still busy in preparation of this big day in Singapore. Look at the shopping malls can tell that many people celebrate this day with exchange gifts and throwing dinner parties. Not long after, 2007 will be round the corner.

As a Christian, Christmas holds a special significance as it is to celebrate Christ's birth over 2000 years ago. It was God's gift of love to us that He sent Jesus to come to share the good news with us. The gift of salvation , the gift of eternal life when we believe in Jesus that He came and died for our sins 2000 years ago. And that we are willing to acknowledge Him as our Lord and Savior.

Sigh... I am ashamed that in the midst of all the celebrations that I often forget the real meaning of Christmas and miss the opportunities to share with others this good news. Late is better never though, Thanks for reminding me, Pastor Andy Wong!

Monday, December 18, 2006

欢迎美少女回来 Welcome Home girls

两个世侄女从澳洲回星加坡度假,两姐妹是我囝囡青梅竹马的朋友,她们爸妈也是我们的好友,无所谓,无工人也要亲自煮一餐咖哩鸡为他们接风啦! 估唔到工人回乡两天,两天也煮煮煮...好彩宝刀未老,嘻嘻!

Welcome Home girls! Janet and Yolanda are my children's childhood friends and their parents hailed from HK many years ago and also our church friends. They just returned from Australia for holiday as they study there now. To celebrate the occasion, I cooked a curry chicken meal for them.

Funny, didn't intend to cook while my maid is home, and she has only been gone for 2 days and I cooked both days.... hmmmm...... AND YES, I did the dishes too :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

愛心晚餐 Cream of pumpkin a la Albert

这是我在LA学回来的金瓜汤, Uncle Albert 亲自教授,刚好囡囡牙痛唔可以食野,这汤又健康又好味,囡囡又好中意食, Ichiban!


Calling uncle Albert.... does my cream of pumpkin pass your sight test? Britney says it tasted good, but then she is not as much an expert as you of course... so you must come and try it and give me the score, okay?

The seafood sphagetti tasted ok and of course the all time favorite is the BBQ pork ribs...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

旅途愉快 Have a great reunion, Suwarni

昨日我家的好助手Suwarni回印尼探亲三个星期,她上次回家己是三年前的事了,在我家服务不觉己五年,神对我很好,给我一个愛主的好帮手,在印尼很难找基督徒,不止如此,她一家很多是牧师及传教士,很令我敬佩...祝Suwarni有个温馨的假期,也期待她的归来...因为我现在要自己做所有家务..虽然囡囝话会帮忙...叹,听好了,做出才算! 请为我代祷, 哈哈哈哈哈!

Yesterday, my domestic helper Suwarni (who has been with me for five years) has went home for holiday. I think it is going to be a LONG three and a half weeks; and I sincerely hope that she will have a great reunion with her family esp her husband and kids. I thank God for her; Suwarni is one of the rare Indonesian Christians and not only that; her family has a lot of pastors and evangelists and she is very fervent for the Lord.

Wish her a happy homestay and I look forward to her return!

SOOOO... if anyone of you want to come and help me with my housework, just let me know! Haaaaaa

Friday, December 15, 2006

囡囡要靓唔要牙 No more crooked teeth

囡囡好恐怖的晚餐, 本来是下面的菜,我加白粥用food processor弄碎到这样,好难看! 为什么这样?这因囡囡今曰去牙医处put on braces, x牙,要一年半呀!什么都吃不下,雪糕又话肥,我有排受了!

The second picture is what we had for dinner last night, and the top is the same food but grinded with porridge and that was Babe Dearest's dinner... Yuck to the third degree!

Why? Because Britney just started on her 1.5 years braces journey yesterday. Last week, two of her teeth were pulled out and the full set of braces was put in yesterday. Imagine how painful that is and she couldn't even eat any solid food. She should feel better in one week's time, but in the meantime... baby food again, heee~~~

Thursday, December 14, 2006

爹o地,祝您寿比南山,福如东海 Happy 79th Birthday to Grandpa Dearest



Today is my daddy's 79th lunar birthday! Wish him good health and many happy returns!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

猫大c生日快乐 Happy Birthday MasterCat



Today is MasterCat's birthday, I am just so glad to know her through the web, truly it is a blessing and definitely it is not coincidental~~

Dearest Suki, God bless you today and everyday; and may God guide every step that you make! He LOVES you!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

早到的圣诞蛋糕 Joeux Noel


Christmas is coming to town... yeah, a bit early but then I will not have time to make anything for this Christmas season because my maid is going home for Christmas... so I will be the MAID for one month. HOW in the world I will have time to make cakes or even cook dinner? Just thinking of all the laundry is making me break into hives, yikes!

所以趁她未飞前,用popo,咕咕,Irene和Tendy寄来的St Dominque 70% chocolate 和我刚从美国买回来的stencil,整出这个糕糕应节~~

I used the dark chocolate that Popo, Louisa, Irene and Tendy sent me for my birthday, and also used the stencil that I bought from US to make this Truffle Noel!

Bon Appetit!

Monday, December 11, 2006

朋友带回来的拌手礼 Gifts from overseas

这两盒是今日收到,新鲜冰冻来自Russia.... 多谢同事Homer

Look what I have received from my friends who came back from their holidays~~ The two boxes of chocolate is from Homer who just came back from Russia yesterday!

Holland 圣诞饼饼, 呜谢Liz小心挑选最最最好吃的!

Lizzie went to Holland for a whirlwind one week trip and still had time to buy these goodies back for me....

镛记皮蛋,一流~~ 加多只烧我鸟就更完美!

These are century eggs from HONG KONG Yong Kee , now I am only imagining the roast goose ~~

来自日本的黑芝麻朱古力和champagne味的茶, 多谢Jean!

Hail from Japan's black sesame seed chocolate and champagne flavored tea! Very interesting...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

七合一的Party Multi-purpose party




During my vacation, 5 of my friends had their birthdays....1 will have hers next week. For someone lazy like me (also remember my maid will be going home for vacation next week), I combined all the birthdays and to top it all, celebrate Christmas at the same time.

Really worth all the work considering so many objectives accomplished, heee....

Show you the cakes that I made on the next post!