Friday, April 25, 2008

California Poppy


wish I am there

lovely flowers

On the way to Mammoth, passed a Poppy field, SO SO SO pretty!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

囡囡去滑雪 Babe Dearest @ Mammoth

Ooooo, sooooo nice

with coach Thomas n Stacey

at the lodge

nice outfit

yikes, cable car

nice slope

囡囡同Ronnie跟Aunty Eva 同 Uncle Thomas 學滑雪兩天就上手,可以從山頂自己滑下來,Advance slope,是真的?
總之多謝Aunty Eva 同 Uncle Thomas 帶他們倆去,好難得的機會,囝囝現在吵著要再去日本滑雪,真是上癮了!
Babe Dearest and Ronnie had such a great time at Mammoth... thanks to coaches Aunty Eva and Uncle Thomas, they have become expert skiers over the three days trip! How lovely!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

星加坡日夜遊 Night tour of Singapore

Singapore Esplanade


Singapore Parliament

Singapore River Sculptures


Newest attraction of Singapore

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

爹哋媽咪來到了 Daddy & Mommy have arrived

Underwater World in Sentosa

dolphin performance

pink dolphin if you can use magnifying glass to see it, hee

dinner at East Coast Park
上次爸媽來新加坡已是八年前的事,舊年他們回港一遊也不過來,話不要搭飛機,今年就乖乖的來看外孫們,咁老公今天就請假帶他們去聖淘沙睇pink dolphin。。,今晚就去東海岸公園食晚餐,好多野啊!

Friday, April 04, 2008

囝囝生日午餐 Sonny's Birthday lunch

Had birthday lunch with Sonny and Babe as they were going to have birthday dinner with good friend Ronnie!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

~~仔仔21歲~~ HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to NICKY!

lovely triple chocolate cake

Aunty Stacey with her well wishes

wish I could have the lamb chop and potato leek strudels

ooo, yummy lobster bag

live performance by Aunty Stacey

all the lovely gifts from the uncles and aunties

even the centerpiece is arranged personally by Uncle Albert, so artistic!

what lovely setting for the party

Nicky 21歲生日派對@ Pasadena!
Today Nicky turns 21! When he went to California for his graduation cum birthday tour couple of weeks ago, Uncle Albert threw a lovely birthday party for him at the Perch. Oooo, all the food food food... enuf said! Uncle George, Thomas, Great granduncle, Aunty Alice, Eva, Stacey, Connie and Ed were there too , what a lovely time he had! I only got a live MSN commentary as they ATE ; but I can imagine!
Birthday wish for Nick: GOD BLESS YOU and GUIDE you in every step that you make ! WE LOVE YOU!