Thursday, June 29, 2006

一個平凡白白的芝士蛋糕 - New York Cheesecake

One look at Eeyore on Britney's mug can tell you the whole story of my New York Cheesecake... The worst part is my children DO NOT ALLOW me to put ANYTHING inside or on top of that WHITE THING.... argh... at least put some blueberry or strawberry jam or cream cheese will help me hide its PALE face.... BUT NO... they screamed....

Britney darling claims that this is the BEST cheesecake she has tasted so far... better than Starbucks' or Coffee Beans & Tea's, YEAH!!!! Though Nicky is non-commital, Bryan says it is very CLOSE to Starbucks'.... how kind they are to me. Hey, as if I don't know, they only want me to make MORE MORE and MORE for them !!!

來開飯﹗ 食得了,,,, Dinner is ready

每逢星期四我都從公司趕回家煮飯﹐WHY? 因為小鬼補習前要慰勞他們.做人媽媽甚艱難﹗
Tonight I served Britney her favorite lamb, this time is lamb cubes with fried garlic on top to add flavor. Of course must have some greens, and it is dow miow with mushroom in pepper sauce. To complete the meal, I made their favorite Eurasian Stew; it is actually a chicken soup with TONS of various mushrooms and vegetables. Always wonder WHY they love it so long as they eat ALL the vege I am NOT complaining...

Sirloin Steaks with Shitake mushrooms & Dow Miow... done medium rare for Bryan and Nicky. My hubby only eats his well done, how boring!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

獎勵一下自己! I DESERVE THIS, YES, YEs, yes...

WHAT in the world is hiding underneath all the shitake mushrooms and dow miow? MY FAVORITE Kimchi Ramen泡菜拉麵 ,of course... I don't get such treat often, all carbo and carbo and carbo. But in view of my blood donation, I deserve a treat... hee heee heeeeee


Blood is replaceable, a life is not...捐血救人, 要響應﹗

Got an urgent email from Kathy of Red Cross Society; asking for help from us Mobile Organizers (we organize blood donation drives for them) to recall everyone who hasn't donate blood for the past 12 weeks to come forward to donate. WHY? Because the blood bank is low in Type A and Type O blood. This is the first time for the past 10 years that I receive such urgent call, don't under estimate the need!

How sweet of Angie and Law to forward the email to all their contacts and everyone in their respective company. I hope more people will heed the call and come forward to donate. Every drop counts ! Let me lead by example... made an appointment for 12.15pm at Blood Bank right away, and DONE !

One myth that most people believe: it is painful and time consuming... Nah, just like an ant bite n all done in 30 minutes. And just think, the blood you donate can save up to three lives... isn't it worth the time n the little ant bite?


The job of bringing 40 people out for a day of fun and food in faraway land, Macao, is no easy feat! Most of them have never stepped foot there, and I myself haven't been there for at least 10 years already. Had to do a bit of research on what to do and where to EAT during the one day tour, hoping everyone will have a great memory of my beloved Macao.

Thank God Blue Rain sent me great maps and detailed directions to all the famous and yummy eateries there. Chin Choon's favorite is 誠昌, where we had the greatest pot of crab porridge. It was in Taipa Island 乙水 仔 , 藍雨介紹的,真是好好味呀!

到依家老公也常堤起那窩有色的粥﹐ 大鄉里出城呀!!! 哈哈哈哈!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Sundial

Yesterday was Britney's first day of midyear exams, poor girl has been so stressed with all her studies that she has eaten the whole house down :>). Good thing is she loves to eat my cakes and claims they de-stress her; so this mommy has to work double hard in order to save the house.

This copycake is an inferior modified version of Popo's African cake. This is the first time I make a crispy cake base and happens to be Britney's favorite part of the whole cake, yeah.. The original recipe calls for chestnut mousse, but I used mocha instead as chestnuts are hard to come by (laziness is another reason).

Thanks Popo for the recipe and inspiration !!!

Monday, June 26, 2006


How sweet of Blue Rain to send me another parcel of thoughtfulness !!! When she found out the stuff she left for me in her mailbox in Macao was stolen, she sent me another set by mail... Really appreciate her kind thoughts and and and and, THANK YOU VERY MUCH ah Blue Rain...

你的心意我十分感激﹐ 太感動了。。。

Isn't this cute? Blue Rain knew I love bread and bread and bread and bread, so she just had to tempt me with all these, sans calories... 真了解我呵!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Macao - land of memories

Welcome to Macao!!! Can't go home without taking a group photo in front of the signature tourist attraction, the St Paul's Ruin. CHEESE, everybody !!! 靚靚

Senado Square has become a Pedestrian Mall, everything has changed since I last visited years ago. I guess some people will call it progress or development, but to me it is the erosion of my fond memory of Rustic Macao... bit by bit, pebble by pebble... should have left my memory intact, but too late now.

Long long time ago, let's not count how many years exactly, must pass through this place to get to my grandpa's house. Today, it is so different, so new n so renovated; it has lost some of its rustic charm as well as part of my childhood memory.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mama Mia

Planned to go to Johor Bahru this morning for some shopping, but Ai Choo was sick; so the outing will just have to wait. My daughter had her heart set on the pizza I was going to bring back from there. WHAT TO DO??? Bring out the flour and the cheese... Her special request: lots of pepperoni and mushrooms; of course must add my hubby's favorite capsicums to make it complete.


This is part of the Thai birthday dinner spread we had for dear Bryan on Thursday. We had 9 dishes in total: Tom Yam Goong, fish tofu, Thai fishcake, Thai style fried chicken wings, green curry pork, cereal prawns, stirfried Thai kailan, sauteed Morning Glory, Tom Yam fried rice noodle. All documented in my photobucket, go and check it out.

My daughter's favorite green curry, made it with pork this time. Note the little round Thai brinjals (look like peas), they are from my garden, harvested by Britney personally.

Thai fishcake, how satisfying it is to eat with Thai chilli sauce... ahhhhhh

Bon Appetit !

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Bryan 生曰快樂﹗

Today is not only the beginning of my blogging journey, it is also dear Bryan's 17th birthday. We celebrated his big day with a Thai dinner.... and appropriately staged the grand finale with VOILA.... the birthday boy named it "Gateau d'amour" - the cake of love.... isn't that sweet of him !!!! It is actually a baked NY cheesecake, mango cheesecake as 2nd layer and topped with raspberry jello. Britney wrote the name with cream cheese; not a perfect job but a loving try nevertheless, which is even more important :) , don't you think so?

Happy 17, Bryan, and God bless you !

In the Beginning

June 22 - The beginning of a new phase in my cooking/baking journey.

Upon encouragement from Blue Rain, I have FINALLY ventured into the world of technology... I hope with this blog, I can share more with my overseas friends what is happening in my life esp inside my kitchen.

Bon Voyage and Bon Appetit !