Sunday, June 15, 2008

父親節快樂 Happy Father's Day

Thanks Daddy

Father's Day special service with youths presenting a song to the congregation!
Father's Day is here, finally! We are now in the middle of the day with this morning's special church service. Babe Dearest bought a nice sunflower bouquet for Daddy and the kids are preparing dinner for us, it is now in progress!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Daddy Dearest 生日節目 Daddy Dearest‘s birthday programme

Happy Birthday Daddy
surprise BBQ birthday dinner

zoo zoo, here we come again after so many years

breakfast at Chinatown before going to the zoo

What a great way to start the day,smile for the camera darlings

we had lunch at this HK chef restaurant before visiting Daddy‘s mom
We had a full day programme for Daddy Dearest's birthday, starting with the midnight birthday cake. It continued with an early start in the morning to the famous Chinatown Complex for our favorite fish porridge.
The children planned a zoo trip for daddy, to relive our fond memory of the place where we spent most of our weekends when the kids were young. Our theme was Disney , and we all wore Disney tees and supposed to do all the crazy poses for the pictures just like in Disneyland. Unfortunately it rained, so our photo sessions didn't come to pass, maybe that is fortunate for the people there or the animals, haaa....
After 3 hours in the zoo, we went for a lovely Cantonese lunch and headed to my mother in law's house to visit her.
We also had a surprise bbq dinner for daddy, but I guess he wasn't that surprised anyway... oh well, most importantly, we got to spend lots of good time with the kids and definitely a memorable birthday for the birthday boy!
God bless you darling, may you have more blessed years ahead!