Sunday, June 15, 2008

父親節快樂 Happy Father's Day

Thanks Daddy

Father's Day special service with youths presenting a song to the congregation!
Father's Day is here, finally! We are now in the middle of the day with this morning's special church service. Babe Dearest bought a nice sunflower bouquet for Daddy and the kids are preparing dinner for us, it is now in progress!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Daddy Dearest 生日節目 Daddy Dearest‘s birthday programme

Happy Birthday Daddy
surprise BBQ birthday dinner

zoo zoo, here we come again after so many years

breakfast at Chinatown before going to the zoo

What a great way to start the day,smile for the camera darlings

we had lunch at this HK chef restaurant before visiting Daddy‘s mom
We had a full day programme for Daddy Dearest's birthday, starting with the midnight birthday cake. It continued with an early start in the morning to the famous Chinatown Complex for our favorite fish porridge.
The children planned a zoo trip for daddy, to relive our fond memory of the place where we spent most of our weekends when the kids were young. Our theme was Disney , and we all wore Disney tees and supposed to do all the crazy poses for the pictures just like in Disneyland. Unfortunately it rained, so our photo sessions didn't come to pass, maybe that is fortunate for the people there or the animals, haaa....
After 3 hours in the zoo, we went for a lovely Cantonese lunch and headed to my mother in law's house to visit her.
We also had a surprise bbq dinner for daddy, but I guess he wasn't that surprised anyway... oh well, most importantly, we got to spend lots of good time with the kids and definitely a memorable birthday for the birthday boy!
God bless you darling, may you have more blessed years ahead!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

老公生日快樂! Happy Birthday to Daddy Dearest!

at the strike of midnight, the kids presented their birthday wishes n gifts
this year's birthday cake is made by Ronnie & Britney

they spent the night before to make this delicious carrot cake

and of course can't do without a personalized card

isn't Britney sweet? I mean the cake

The gifts took two days of shopping to be completed

such lovely shirt brought all the way from LA by Sonny

Not to be outdone, Ronnie & Britney bought a snazzy hushpuppy polo for dad

most needed pen set , isn't that thoughtful?

This has to be the best, I love it!
It says Daddy n a paw print as a charm,the paw print is daddy‘s signature, how nice!




今日是老公 Daddy Dearest 的生日, 不可講那麼多, 孩子們給爸爸預備了整天的節目跟他慶祝啊, 遲點才與大家分享啊! 先看半夜的生日驚喜,蛋糕和禮物吧! 蛋糕是囡囡和Ronnie親自做的carrot cake,我食後覺得一枝棒,連愛心都要加多二十分,我粉感動耶!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

囝囝畢業了 Sonny has graduated

Happy day for daddy

finally sonny has graduated

with his buddies and good friends

囝囝從美國趕回來就是因為要行畢業禮,感謝主,祗有各位prayer warriors才知道這張文憑是主所給予的,當中的甜與苦真不是一句就可以講晒,多謝老公對囝囝的學業不離不捨,這張文憑應該是老公的才對!

Friday, May 23, 2008

祝Coach Lee 生日快樂! Happy birthday to Coach Lee!

Midnight birthday surprise

what a surprise daddy Lee had

can't do without a nice card

turned out nicely
simple decoration will do, arrange walnuts in heart shape

Aunty Alice says only can fold in the flour to make the brownie nice

let's check out the ingredients first

Ronnie 的爸爸,既係囝囝囡囡從小到大的游泳教練 Coach Lee 生日,囡囡在前一晚特別做了個合桃布朗尼為他賀寿,希望他喜歡!

祝福Coach Lee


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

朱古力怪蛋糕 Dome d'amour

這蛋糕是特別為我的寶貝們整的,今次Ronnie 說要食朱古力蛋糕 (又多一個朱古力怪在家了),所以快些去找貓姐送給我的那本Chocolate Engima 來偷師,終於確定用 nutty chocolate mousse 和 chocolate truffles 來做饀,夠晒肥了!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

慶祝母親節 Happy Mother's Day

three mommy and one Godma

the five chefs
cheers to the chefs for job well done

Happy Mother's Day

look into every detail

every task is done with love and smile

someone has to do the dirty work, right?

Babe doing her stuff

who taught them how to do potato jackets? Aunty Alice!!!

hey, even sonny is working hard, I am so impressed

look, we are actually touching FISHHHHH

two pretty chefs hard at work, but not to miss the camera...

don't listen to the girls, our way is the best, thus says the boys!

Are u sure you know what you are doing?

Feast of Love Dinner Menu:
Wasabi Prawns
Baked Cod with cream sauce
Teriyaki Asparagus
Baked potato au gratin
Egg custard a la Nicky

如果我話這晚餐好好食,大概你們不會反對,當然如果你們知道是我們三個媽媽的孩子們煮的,就可能猜疑我偏心,但我真的沒有亂講啊,他們有越洋顧問Alice 姨姨全程指導,真是一枝棒的,妳們自己看看評一評!

如Uncledan說,孝心不用日子定位或送貴重禮物,但從孩子們的出力來為媽媽策劃一餐可出酒店餐廳的食譜,這件心意我真的詺記在心,超感動,尤其是看到他們用几天時間plan menu,找食譜,問顧問意見,討教煮法,到買餸,囝囝昨晚半夜先做燉蛋甜品,今天一整個下午分工合作的煮出這十全十美的一餐,唉,我好好好感動,我要對他們說一聲我愛你們,不是因為這一餐,而是終於感受到你們的愛!

多謝你們,Nicky, Britney,Ronnie, Teng Teng, Mun Mun, I LOVE YOU ALL!
Look at what a perfect meal our kids from three different families cooked for their parents! I let u be the judge on how it looks and I TELL you how it tastes ... IT IS PERFECT plus 5 more points for their love roll in one!
Yes Yes Yes, I wont exchange this for any 6 stars restaurant's dinner, thank you very much! From seeing how they planned this dinner, the research, the overseas consultation from Aunty Alice, planning the groceries, check out the cooking method, timing the cooking , n down to presentation of the dishes... I TELL YOU
I am just so touched and happy to see all five of them cooperated and cooked this meal together with joy and laughter, for the purpose of HONOURING THEIR MOTHERS... what more can I say?
I LOVE YOU TOO, all of you, Nicky , Britney, Ronnie, Teng Teng n Mun Mun! What you have done is more than I have ever imagined , and it really touches me more than I can say...