Saturday, September 30, 2006

第一时间献上祝福 Happy Birthday to my buddy Ai Choo



Today is my buddy Cindy's birthday! Note the time of this post, I waited for midnight so I can be the FIRST ONE to give her my heartiest blessings on her special day.

May God bless you and give you all your heart's desires; with His Peace and Love and Joy in you all the days of your life!

This cake is specially designed for her as she requested for her favorite baked cheesecake plus something that is not so sweet and nice enough for her diabetic mother to enjoy. With that in mind, I topped the baked NY cheesecake with mango yoghurt nonbaked cheesecake , and a layer of fresh mango cubes as garnish. I hope they like it!

Friday, September 29, 2006

砂煲海鲜面 Claypot Noodle


I always love Hong Kong crispy noodle, whenever I go out to eat will always order it. But at home, it is just too troublesome to deep fry the noodle so just make claypot noodle instead. A bit salty my hubby says, because I have forgotten that the noodle is a bit salty by itself. Anyway, it goes well with the sweet tasting fish soup, made with carrot, onion and potato...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

甜蜜的见证 Happy Anniversary to Sherry & Mark

昨日原来是Bryan爸妈Mark and Sherry的20週年结婚纪念日,在吃晚餐时Bryan才淡淡提起...吓,曾几何时我才问这宝贝,几时是父母的结婚纪念,还说是七月,原来那是注册日...一样有庆祝...

唔紧要,还有四十五分钟的时间才要去教会祈祷会,快快整个心心布朗尼给这对主内好友! 不要说装饰,放在盒时还热的,就洒杏仁片在上好了!

Imagine the shock when Bryan sheepishly announced during dinner last night that it was his parents' Wedding Anniversary...why sheepishly? Because I just asked him not long ago what was his parents' anniversary date and he told me it was July. Lo and behold, he didn't know that it was their ROM date, and his parents celebrate both occasions as well. HOW ROMANTIC!

Never mind, still have 45 minutes before I had to leave for prayer meeting. With insider information that they love brownies, whipped up the fastest brownie I have ever done. Can't do much decoration as the brownie was still hot by the time it needs to be delivered.

God bless you and your family, Sherry & Mark! You are great models for all couples! And of course HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

星洲肉骨茶 Bak Kut Teh

自从星期日囡囡知道Bryan的妈咪煮肉骨茶给他做晚餐后,就每半小时吵著要吃.....大小姐呀,靓肉骨要去街市买呀,妈咪要返工架. 等到今晚才有,都唔可以怪我! 不过乖乖一定唔会...


Britney wanted to eat Bak Kut Teh (Singapore Pork Rib soup) ever since she heard aunty Sherry made it for Bryan's dinner on Sunday.

She kept on and on about how she wants it and how she craves for it, and how she MUST have it.... poor mommy of course has to find the nicest freshest pork ribs to make this delicious soup for her dinner. Some people like to put a dash of dark soya sauce in the soup for the colour, but I prefer NOT, so it looks a bit pale. Nevertheless the taste is the same, very peppery too!

Saw some scallops at the fish stall, very rarely do we have these in shells. Bought some back to try....not bad though not very meaty. Stir fried them with black beans and garlic, yummy!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

来自东欧的礼物 Gifts from Scandinavia

我锺意各国的面包,己是我所有的朋友都知晓的一个小秘密,所以每逢他们去那几都很有诚意地带给我尝试,真有心. 上面的是同事Yee Ling 去Scandinavia 时专诚带回给我,好重呀...贴心的她还买两罐肉酱来涂那麦包,太捧了!

Look at the slices of lovely multigrain rye sourdough bread...they hail all the way from Scandinavia where my colleague Yee Ling went for her two weeks holiday. All my friends know how much I love bread, all types esp the denser type, and from all over the world too so I can experience the different textures and flour.

Besides the heavy loaf of bread, Yee Ling also bought two tins of pate for me; one is crab, the other is mackerel. How sweet of her to remember!

Thanks Yee Ling!

Monday, September 25, 2006

岁月催人老 Another Monday


碎碎念,算了,看这豉汁凤爪,是今晚晚餐的主角, 还煮了绿咖哩,煎鱼,炒菜及人参鸡汤...囡囡要大考了,Bryan又要考Prelim然后就O level了,要饮多些汤水补一补.各主内姐妹,记得为他们代祷...到十一月底才考完呀!

Time flies, another weekend has passed and soon will be Mid Autumn Festival which means New Year is just round the corner... WOWOWO... then then then

Don't panic, let us just live everyday meaningfully and be a blessing to everyone. TREASURE EVERY MOMENT, friends.

To all my sisters in Christ, please remember Britney and Bryan in your prayers everyday till end of November as Britney has started her A level exams and year end promo exams; Bryan is having his prelims and O level will only ends on Nov 20. Keep them in your daily prayers please.....

Up there is what we ate for dinner that chicken feet...feel so HK dim sum

Sunday, September 24, 2006

蓝雨,燈籠来了 All ready for Mid Autumn Festival


有燈籠无月饼又点得? 一早爬起床整咕噜话的Pandan 冰皮及另做朱古力冰皮试试!

Blue Rain reminded me that my pictures are just so lacking in asthetics... yeah, very true. I felt so tired after I cook or bake that taking pictures becomes a chore. But I really shouldn't be like that, I admit.

So, upon Blue Rain's advice, dug out some Chinese lanterns for the pictures. What else to do but to make some MORE mooncakes to go with the lanterns, haaaa.... They are new flavors, pandan and chocolate ... I HOPE this will be the last batch of snowskin mooncakes I am going to make for the year...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

红颜追月 Red Bean Snowskin Mooncake


I know Blue Rain, Kulu n Mui Mui are busy making traditional mooncakes in HK and Macau today; so I must join them and make them in Singapore too. Mine is the easiest of them all, so probably get done the fastest...heeee...

This time, I tried to make Red Bean Snowskin mooncakes; the only difference is I used red bean soup to replace the portion of water in the recipe. The colour turns out a bit more greyish pink but it has a tint of red bean fragrance, not bad at all...

Bought a new mooncake mold to make smaller size mooncakes to give to my friends, hope they like them. The fillings are the same as last time: custard, custard with truffles, pumpkin with Japanese sweet potato, and Japanese sweet potato. For myself, I made 3 custard ones with salted eggs. Who is counting cholesterol anyway?

Friday, September 22, 2006

给老公一个惊喜 Surprise for Daddy Dearest


今次大胆自制几样馅,馅料有:奶皇、奶皇咸蛋,南瓜, 日本蕃薯 及芝麻....结果老公最中意芝麻冰皮月....太开心了!

Hubby is not a dessert person and he only likes lo-sweet food. I was totally taken by surprise when he loved the snowskin mooncakes that I made on Saturday. It was totally out of his dietary habit. Anyway, since he likes it, I made another batch tonight with various flavors to whet his appetite.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

靓靓新娘生曰快乐 Happy Birthday to Wai Wai

新娘子Wai Wai 今曰生日,在此祝她永远开心,幸福快乐! 紧记天父很爱你呀,要多感恩及珍惜一切!

Pretty bride Wai Wai is celebrating her birthday today, wish her many happy returns and just want to tell her again and again:


This cake was SUPPOSED to be a pretty bride, but I don't think I succeeded.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

祝你心想事成,学业进步 Happy 18th Birthday, Jeromeeee


Today is Jerome's 18th birthday! This ice cream cake is specially designed for him and if you stretch your imagination a little bit, you are seeing his photo! He really is so adorable and most of all very considerate. He should be getting baptised end of the year, praise the Lord!

Happy 18th, Jerome!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

二十三週年结婚纪念 Pauline & Allen's 23rd Wedding Anniversary

今曰是好友Allen及Pauline的23rd结婚週年纪念曰,在此祝他们曰曰甜蜜,尤胜新婚! 星期六给他们一个小小surprise dinner,做了这栗子蛋糕给这对香港来的"主角",很港式吧!

Congratulations to Pauline and Allen for their 23rd Wedding Anniversary today! 23 years of marriage is no mean feat nowadays, but in Christ it is just another number. Praise God.

Made this Chestnut Cake for the loving couple who came from Hong Kong years ago. Really treasure their friendship and great to see our 4 kids grow up together from kindergarten onwards.

God bless you, Pauline & Allen!

Monday, September 18, 2006

这两晚的晚餐 Beef Pho & Tonkatsu Bento

Another weekend has gone by and it is Monday again! What a fruitful weekend though with 3 cakes and snowskin mooncakes gone through the tiny kitchen...


So, it was fortunately that Britney wanted to have Beef Pho for dinner last night because I was trying my hands at making mooncakes for the first time. It really is an easy one dish meal that I am sure will work out well for singles or families alike.

For tonight, we have Tonkatsu with Soba and Miso soup. It is actually one of Nicky's favorite meals. In view of his going to LA for vacation on Thursday, I let him has his way....

Sunday, September 17, 2006

嫦娥好冻呀 SnowSkin Mooncakes

被蓝雨,喵喵,懒猫,Adaw, Bees, GiGimoon 及咕噜们的靓靓靓月饼激励後,的起心肝,用Bees姐(要识亲识戚搭关系)的冰皮食镨,老公,囡囡及Bryan都说超好食,比莱x士酒店的更软熟,开心死我!

我做了奶皇,奶皇加朱古力,及南瓜馅! 家人最中意奶皇!

I made a few different flavors, the top ones are pumpkin , bottoms are custard, and the one in the middle is copy Rxx Hotel's Truffles choc, I put one Kiss chocolate inside the custard....

They all liked the custard's the most but I find it a bit too sweet, but I am out numbered. Now hubby wants me to SELL them, argh.... Anyway, Britney has taken a few to bring for her classmates.. just glad they like it. Really worth the effort and it is easier than I thought.

Thanks Bees and Blue Rain!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

祝tiger 11青春常驻,幸福,快乐 Happy Birthday to YOU, Tiger 11

当初蓝雨"迫" (鼓励)我开这博格时,我这个对电脑有痴呆病的人,有一点恐惶之情绪,也不知为什么...万万想不到因此可认识很多对煮食有兴趣,志同道合的朋友,从中的交流,让我学习良多,也建立珍贵的友谊! 除此之外,也意外地认识到一群主内的姐妹,如果这不是神的带领,我不知是什么了,感谢主!

Tiger 11 可说是我刚认识的网友(我没忘记你,泡泡茶),她要我为她做一个生日蛋糕(只可惜有得睇无得食),太赏面了! 希望你喜欢我特别为你设计的猫造型, Art 一路都是我的弱项!


When I started this blog, it was way beyond my imagination that I could meet so many new friends through it. For a computer idiot like me, just getting to a website is a challenge and without Yoyo's help, I don't think this blog will ever come into existence!

What amazes me even more is that through this blog, not only I get to know a group of gourmands, but another group of Christian sisters who are great encouragement to me. I really treasure these new found friendships and I thank God for all of them for their encouragement and sharings, be it in physical food or spiritual food! Praise the Lord!

Tiger 11 and Bubblestea are new visitors to my blog, though I have visited theirs and learned much from theirs for months already (little they know), heee.... Today is Tiger 11's birthday, upon her request, I made this cake in honour of this special day. Hope you like it, Tiger11!

God bless you and many happy returns!

Friday, September 15, 2006

SURPRISE~~Happy Birthday to Jerome!

開心果Jerome下星期三生日,今晚是教会培训班,所以师母Katrina叫我为他做一个蛋糕,開surprise party! 当然要整个特别一点的蛋糕,给我这个常常笑及带给别人欢乐的小弟弟(18岁都不少了)!

Jerome, 祝你主内平安,開心,快乐!

Next Wednesday will be Jerome's 18th birthday. Ever since he has come to our church 2 yrs ago, the laughter level in church has gone up tremendously and I think it really is a special gift of his to be so jovial and affable to everyone. It reminds me of what Paul says, "Rejoice always I say rejoice..." How many of us can rejoice in sadness? Never mind, let's continue to try.... It sure helps to have people like Jerome around, what a blessing!

Thanks Jerome for always being cheerful and Happy 18th Birthday!
God loves you and so do we!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

宝宝补补身 For you, Popo


Don't be frightened by the look of that black chicken. According to Chinese belief, it is the BEST type of chicken to strengthen your body, esp after you have been sick. Made this soup to show Popo how the combination of black chicken, Chinese ham with sharkfin melon will be like. It really is tasty but most important it is very nutritious. If I am in HK, I would have delivered to her doorstep already, but guess she has to ask her maid to do it for her for now :) !

Get well soon, Popo!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

花园的一角--芒果成熟了 Mango tree



Finally after months of waiting, the mangoes from my garden's mango tree are almost ready to be harvested. Amazingly, a new batch of new mangoes have also formed (see the picture on the left), hopefully in about 6 months, I can harvest them like the ones on the top picture.

This reminds me what it says in Galatian 5:22,23, "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentlness and self-control." Pray that God will grant me all these fruits just like my mango tree. Pray for me...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

祝布丁妹妹幸福,生曰快乐 Happy Birthday Pudding



Pudding is the youngest leisure cat friend that I have met so far. It is incredible how well she can bake at such tender age. Today is her birthday, I made this baked NY Cheesecake with Aloe Vera mousse in her honour!

God bless you, Pudding!

Monday, September 11, 2006

怀旧梅菜木耳鸡煲 Preserved Vegetable with Chicken


Haven't had preserved vegetable (mui choy) for a LONG time, suddenly felt like making it for dinner. Though hubby loves it with belly pork, but it is just WAY too fattening; to solve the problem, used chicken instead. Just as yummy!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

祝爸爸熊生日快乐,主内平安 Happy Birthday Papa Bear Mr Kok

明曰是教会弟兄,主日学同工 Mr Kok 的生曰,他的绰号是Papa Bear(你自己猜为什么吧)...所以绞尽瑙汁,做了这个蛋糕给他,让他今曰与他的主曰学学生同享.这是我第一次整造型蛋糕,手都发抖,怕人家以为它是四不像! 内里我放了冰琪淋cubes,用vanilla慕士来连结,我没有份食,但有吃的人说很好味...

Tomorrow will be Papa Bear brother Kok's birthday, this nickname was given to him by the kids in church. I let you use your imagination to figure out WHY he has this quaint nickname XD. Anyway, his nickname led me to make this bear cake for him to celebrate his birthday with his Sunday School class students, I hope he was pleasantly surprised.

This is the first time I make a dome shape cake, I used chocolate sponge and filled it with ice cream cubes and vanilla mousse. The whole assembly was chilled for 2 days so that it will be in shape. I didn't get to eat it, but from the feedback it was very yummy... guess nothing much can go wrong with ice cream and kids... heeee

Happy Birthday, Mr Kok! MayGod bless you and guide you everyday of your life!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

好一个牧羊人批批 Shepherd Pie


Shepherd Pie should be made with minced lamb but I used minced beef instead. I think children like this dish a lot because of the mashed potato topping with cheese. Anyway, as long as they like it, I really can't be bothered about why... I served it with salad and Eurasian stew. That soy sauce chicken was for fun, I just had a craving to make it , heee...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

炭烧南瓜 BBQ pumpkin



Tonight I served a BBQ chicken dinner, with salad and Italian sausage rice pilaf. I used brown rice so the colour is not exactly the best but the nutritional value and taste compensated it all.

Since I had to bring out the Weber to roast the chicken, don't want to waste the charcoal and roast a pumpkin for future use. Really want to recommend pumpkin to all of you because it is loaded with beta carotene and very versatile when you make bread, cake or even mooncakes.

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

芒果奶油蛋糕 My first cream cake

等了十个月才敢试做奶油蛋糕,只因这几的天气太热,奶油很快溶掉. 昨日心血来潮,以大无畏的精神, 做了这个凹凸不平的芒果蛋禚!


It has been 10 months since I started my baking journey. In the beginning, I took my first step with Mui Mui's Yakult Sago cake and now venture into more dangerous ground of self concocted cakes which I experiment on my poor friends and colleagues, bless their tummies!

One type of cakes that I have never tried is fresh cream cakes because of the hot weather here. Yesterday afternoon in the office, I suddenly dreamed of making one. With sudden urge, I just braved myself into this virgin ground and tried my luck.

This is the product of my labour - Mango Fresh Cream Cake. I bought 3 Thai Honey mangoes after work and with trembling fingers assembled THIS for last night's dessert. It tasted great according to my 3 monkeys (Brit, Nick, n Bryan) and needless to say, we ate it in aircon room in case the cake can't stand the temperature... heee....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

砂煲鸡饭 Claypot Chicken Rice

对了,一口热喷喷的砂煲鸡饭,再来一碗莲藕汤,人生一乐也!" 你说是吗?

Let's imagine, in the depth of winter, snowflakes flying all over and wind blowing from west to east...what wouldn't you do for MY claypot chicken rice, served with a bowl of piping hot lotus root chicken soup.

Of course you can only dream of it in Singapore, but never mind, dreams can come true. That's why I bring out my ice cube man to complete my dream, isn't he the cutest thing?

Monday, September 04, 2006

祝Marjie年年有今日,岁岁有今朝 Happy Birthday Marjie


Today is my colleague Marji's birthday, she is the big sister in the office who always cooks desserts for us and cheers us with her contagious laughter. I wanted to make her something that is exclusive for her to show my appreciation. I spent a couple of weeks figuring out what to make that is palatable yet sugarless. At the end I made this sugarless tofu mousse cake, hopefully she likes it!

Happy Birthday Marjie, God bless you!

忙忙忙的星期天 Hardworking Sunday


This main dish for Sunday's dinner was purely incidental. Just found out I have 500 g of ham and this quiche is the best way to use up most of it in one go. As my hubby complained the chicken pie pastry was a bit sweet last time, I adjusted the recipe and used 20g less sugar, and added 10 g of salt instead. The result was EXCELLENT ! They all said it is definitely nicer than store bought and I should sell them, heee!


I have always liked wanton, and Shanghainese Wanton with the chilli oil and vinegar is another one of my favorite way of eating them... how not to gain weight?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

祝Valerie快高长大,学业猛进 Happy Birthday, Val

昨曰是我好友Liz囡Valerie的生日,他也是我主日学的好学生,所以今天在教完主课后的Art & Craft 时间会开一个surprise party来补贺他的生日.做了个每个小孩都会中意的Truffles Cake给他,希望小孩们喜欢!

Yesterday was my girlfriend Liz's daughter Valerie's birthday. I thought it would be nice to have a little belated surprise birthday party for her during the Sunday School as she is also in my class. I am sure the rest of the class won't mind and share her Truffles Cake.

Happy Birthday, Valerie. May God bless you and guide you every step of your life! With love, Aunty Sophie

Saturday, September 02, 2006

勤劳的星期六下午 Busy busy as a bee

今日比番工更劳碌,先整无糖海绵蛋糕,再接香蕉蛋糕,又生炒糯米饭...好赶呀! 今晚二伯生曰potluck dinner,继续Sambal炒虾,还未煮哩!

Another cooking Saturday, rush rush rush! Tonight is my brother in law's birthday potluck dinner, still have one more dish of Sambal Prawn hasn't been cooked yet. At least got the glutinous rice done, one of my favorite one dish meal thing; I think it is all because of the Chinese sausage...

That sugarless sponge cake is for my colleague who has diabetics; as I want to make a tofu mousse cake for her birthday which is on Monday. Needed to do it twice because the first one failed ( I had to try out the sugarless part and failed), hopefully she likes it. Anyway, since I am baking, might as well make a banana cake for the family too; too lazy to do muffins, getting very terrible nowadays :( !

Friday, September 01, 2006

请慢用 Dozo tano shi mi ni

时间过得真快,昨晚又是星期四-读书夜!亦是我这妈咪搅尽腦汁,希望可煮出一餐可以让小瓜们驚喜的晚餐.刚巧Nicky考完他的中期试,就煮他钟意食的日本餐吧! 今次特别加了我喜欢食的尤鱼天妇罗,太棒了!

TGIF! As of every Thursday night, ; last night was study night and that translated to Mommy is cooking night . Not easy to think of something that will excite my children at dinner table, but I will still try to gain that glimpse of excitement in their eyes when they see what is being served at the dining table. It sure makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Yesterday was also Nicky's last day of his midyear exam, so must make something that is his favorite. Thus, Tonkatsu Bento, everyone! Just to add some new item, I added calamari tempura and it is definitely heavenly.

Dozo tano shi mi ni, that is "Enjoy your dinner" in Japanese according to Jean san, my 曰本通girlfriend!

Dozo tano shi mi ni...