Thursday, January 31, 2008


Daddy Dearest 香港必食早餐。。。艇仔粥同炸兩


No need to say more!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

香港之旅 一 First day in Hong Kong --- bring along the chill

Guess who are hungry!

Arrived in Hong Kong as scheduled and met up with my parents and cousin right away. I heard that I brought along the cold air, and it turned out to be the coldest 5 days in Hong Kong, incredible!

Thank God for the nice hotel room, nicer than I expected!

At night, went to meet up with my auntie and had hotpot for dinner, what a feast!

我回到家了 I am HOME!

I am back, so did you miss me? Tata is so clever and guessed correctly that I went to Hong Kong for my anniversary! Actually besides that, I went there to meet my parents who were there for a holiday.
BUT surprise of all surprises and of course thank God for it is that my sister had a sudden meeting this side of the world, and went to HK for ONE DAY... yes... wait wait, I also got to meet my two uncles whom I haven't seen for years who hailed from overseas too. So we all had a reunion dinner on Sunday. WHAT A BLESSING!
Thank you Father for arranging everything!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

我出去走走耶 Elope in progress

I will be back soon。。。。till then, take care and God LOVES you!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

橫財就手富貴年 Pig's Trotter

豬手 兩隻斬件
上等蠔油 三湯匙
上等黑豉油 二湯匙
酒 三湯匙
冰糖 一小塊
薑 三大塊
蒜頭 三湯匙
辣椒干 五隻
花椒,八角,白胡椒 適量(1 tsp)

1。 用油爆香薑,蒜頭,加入冰糖,炒到溶同sticky (焦糖)
2。 加入其他香料同辣椒干,炒香
3。 加入沒有出水的豬手(一定不要出水),炒三分鐘,要手快
4。 加入調味品,不停炒,如果太干可加多一些酒
Another Chinese New Year must have dish... Very yummy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

哈哈大笑迎金鼠 Drunken Prawns

我又要趁熱鬧了,笨B媽媽今年又發“「陳氏宗親會」召集o既「賀年食品群英會 2008」”,請看引用网誌,去年還未認識笨B媽媽,今年就可熱鬧一下。。。


活蝦 一斤
XO酒 一杯
黨參 一兩
杞子 一兩
紅棗 六粒
川芎 一兩
水 三碗
1。 把洗好的活蝦放在有蓋的pot內
2。 加入XO酒,蓋好,因蝦會跳出,放入雪柜待用
3。 用水煮所有藥材三十分鐘到出味
4。 食飯前煮沸藥材湯,煮三分鐘將蝦煮熟,每次大概十隻,不要一次過放入(太多蝦不夠湯,蝦會煮到硬)
5。 蝦全熟放在serving bowl內,最後,再加兩湯匙XO入湯里,煮沸,加少量豉油調味,倒在蝦上。
1。 如喜歡當歸,可以用來代替川芎
2。 不要放鹽入湯,用豉油,好味點
3。 因為用活蝦,不用放薑,如果怕有味,可放薑塊煮湯

Chinese New Year is coming up, will be posting a series of Chinese New Year dishes in preparation for the occasion. Hope you like it!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy 23rd Anniversary to Liz & William

Happy Family
The three chef and the two couriers

chilli crab

clams and black pepper crabs

garlic cockles

spiral clams with black bean sauce

Swensen's ice cream cake

Tonight we had a SELFISH (shellfish) dinner for Liz & William as their 23rd wedding anniversary will be next Wednesday! We had a special dinner with all types of shell fish and was it YUMMY!
Wish the two lovebirds
Full of joy, peace and love! God bless!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

差一點成功的海綿蛋糕 ALMOST there sponge cake

my new cake mold from US

nice texture even though it fell apart

放工手癢想試新爐新模焗sponge cake,一切妥當。。。直到。。。


When I brought back my new silicon molds from LA, I had high hopes for them TILL I tried to fit them in my oven... MY OVEN TOO SMALL... then my NEW oven arrived in form of a Christmas gift, haaaaaa...... isn't that GREAT?
Nothing to say about this collapsed sponge cake, everything went well till I tried to unmold it. Didn't have the patience to wait, so flop flop flop... never mind, it tasted very nice and even my kids said it doesn't matter after it is cut into pieces. Heeeee..... guess they didn't dare to say anything adverse in case I stop baking their brownies altogether!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rocky Road Brownie 解開心結之布朗尼


我平時多數加合桃或chocolate chips,在聖誕時,為了應節,把star shaped marshmallows 放入brownie ,做了甜到暈的rocky road布朗尼,更意想不到的是契仔話他最中意這個口味,我好象發現新大陸咁開心,今日有新焗爐,立刻安哥整來送給我的darling啦當然!

Rocky Road brownies, anyone game to eat this sweet, calorie laden dessert? My kids (including my darling godson) LUV brownies, and this "Christmas themed" brownie is the latest favorite. Still have to adjust the sweetness as marshmallow is just SO sweet, but then, I don't think they care as they have sweet tooth! Dieters beware!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Orange Cranberry Scones

yummilicious orange cranberry scones
hey, where is the tea?

my Christmas present from LF

FINALLY, with this new oven i can make all the lovely scones and cookies I learnt in US... heee, what an excuse! Anyway, the scones turned out great... Thanks Uncle Albert and Alice!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

雙喜!Happy Birthday to Angfoo, Happy Anniversary to David & Tata

星期天是网友Angfoo的生日,用韓國草莓做這個蛋糕,希望妳喜歡啦! 同時也是美國俏少婦塔塔和大偉在台灣擺酒一週年紀念!祝你倆繼續甜蜜恩愛!

I know Angfoo likes mango mousse cake, but mango is not in season at this time. So, I used Korean strawberries to make this cream cake, the fruits are very sweet...

Happy Birthday Angfoo, God bless you ALWAYS!

Another blessing is Tata and David, one year ago today, they had their wedding banquet in Taiwan... so would you count this as their first banquet anniversary??? Haaaa.....

Wish both of you love birds continue to be sweet and doting to each other, full of God's love and His Grace! LOVE YOU ALL!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008第一個晚餐 Dinner is served

Bon Appetit

Hungarian Goulash


Honey Baked Ham

German sausages

brown rice pilaf with summer sausages

First dinner for year 2008! Tonight Babe and Sonny Dearest are home for dinner too, yeah! Just a simple affair with couple of good friends, I guess that is what life is all about, contentment and thankfulness for God's blessings!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

除夕 New Year Eve's dinner

Blessed 2008

Eurasian stew, Honey baked ham and sushi platter

Bratwurst and Mushroom risotto

Baked New York cheesecake with cranberry in champagne sauce

New Year's Eve, just a simple dinner with few close friends!