Sunday, February 11, 2007

愛的演唱會 Love Concert 2007

Sing Glory to God and praise Him for His Love all of us!

Of course our youth group from church will go and support 。。。

Most of the audiences are school friends and other youths who haven‘t known Christ yet !

A very good skit about man‘s sinful nature and how Jesus saved us all from eternal condemnation!

What a team in serving God, bravo!

囡囡今年參加Junior College 基督徒學生Outreach音樂會,主唱四首歌,希望有更多年輕人認識主!

Britney had the pleasure to participate in this year’s Love Concert 2007 as a vocalist in one of the two bands which performed during the concert。Love Concert is actually a Youth Outreach concert organized by Singapore JC Christian students to share God's love with non Christian youths. It was done very nicely and I praise God for this group of young students who took the time to serve God in their own capacity!

I think Britney sang really well, and not bad for a first timer! Daddy Dearest and I are so proud of her, heeee!


  1. mommydearest: 很有意思的活動!!you should have uploaded the tape (if you did videotape the event) that way we all could enjoy Britney's song.

  2. angfoo


  3. You can take the videotape by using the camera then upload the video to the
    I heard from Amy that you will be in HK again. When is that? I will be in Australia from 9-18/3/07.

  4. Iris,

    I hope to be in HK later part of March as my parents will be leaving for US end of March. Hope will get to meet all of you.

    You must send my regards to Mushroom for me... n of course tell Sharon so many ppl are praying for her, give her trust to God!

  5. mommydearest,
    i will tell sharon the good news about Jesus.

  6. cuteypinga

    For a first timer, Britney did quite ok, praise God!

  7. Iris

    Will pray for you and her too of course :) !

  8. Hi Sophie,
    Britney 好有台型喔! 身型很高耶~~ 靚女一名, 還有加上她的內在美 are a super blessed mum of her. I am sure you are proud of her. 兒女們follow Jesus is 我們的安慰和感恩哩! 希望我家小朋友也做到一樣!

  9. amy

    As the bible says, "Train up the child in the way they should go, so they are old they will not depart from it."
    We just do our part to share the gospel with them , the rest is up to the Lord! He is FAITHFUL!

    I am sure Vienna, Zac and Luc will be His faithful children...