Thursday, February 01, 2007

香港澳門之旅 (4之i) Macau trip - Day 4 part I Overseas trips

Trishaw is such definitely my symbol for my belowed Macau, I remember taking this mode of transports for my shopping trips and outings!

Look at that stonewall, I don't think there are many left anywhere already.

My kindergarten used to be on this road and it is still there with a new building. Somehow it doesn't look as big nor as formidable as before!

They call it "Bamboo Garden", well named!

Welcome to Macau --my childhood motherland...what fond memory!


  1. 非常喜歡古老的建築。。澳門好像有很多這樣的buildings

  2. I like mommy's new jacket...must be new.

  3. And I see daddy making good use of his jacket as well. :)

  4. angfoo

    澳門好古老, like Hong Kong 50 years ago. But must go fast or the casinos will take over the whole country soon :(

  5. Alice

    Yes, Mom got the jacket in HK, very nice and trendy, not bulky at all; much nicer than her mink. Daddy wears his leather jacket all the time :)