Wednesday, January 31, 2007

香港之旅 (3之下) Hong Kong trip - Day 3 part II

網友angfoo好介紹.... "北角街市有好多檔熟食檔,不過最旺場的是金寳". 好想去睇下是否有傳説中o甘好味。


點了: claypot魚頭,油炸豬手,黃金大蝦,風沙雞,蒸鰻魚,炒菜,味道都ok,無我想象中的好! 下次一定要找到金寳!

Web friend Angfoo recommended a famous food stall in North Point Municipal Building, and I remembered the name is "Campbell金寳". So I told my cousins on the only night I had free in HK that I must go there to try it out. Cousin Rick insisted that he went there before because of its fame; and we went there for dinner with Cousin Amy as well.

When I arrived (the last one of course), I found the name of the shop my cousins went is different from the one I told them...hmmm.... but they still insisted this IS the famous one. Oh well, high EQ me is not one to argue esp with older relatives there...heee. Sorry, Angfoo, I will find 金寳 next time. The food was sure good; we had all their signature dishes: "sandy"chicken, golden prawns, deep fried trotters, steamed eels, claypot fishhead, n even the humble vegetables are sweeter than the one I get here.



  1. mommydearest: 唔好打我。。。。我。。搵返張卡片。。。上面。。寫。。東寳。。我報錯料!好彩您eq 高咋~~~~~~

  2. 好好笑呀!原來找對了!好彩無浪費我的calories!

    你下次去要吃我們點的餸!不過風沙雞就不值了,半只要¥98, 不是很好食!

  3. I see my favorite steamed eel dish. Yummmm

    Thought the hot pot is lamb...