Tuesday, January 30, 2007

香港之旅 (二之上) Hong Kong trip - Day 2 part I

其實在星加坡我已很期待和香港,澳門&美國的網友見面!!! 網聚感覺很讚呢。。。第一個聚會是同Laam 和 Bobomilk 見面,好開心,雖然是第一次見面,我們談得很投人,Laam 也送來梅酒同元朗恆香老婆餅俾我食,好鍾意,不好意思我滿載而歸啦,heee!

My first luncheon appointment with my web friends in HK~~ I had the pleasure of meeting Laamtracy and Bobomilk, two young bubbly youthful looking mommys. If I didn't know they have children, I would never have imagined... Still remember their laughters and how we talked and talked and try to arrange to meet again in Singapore.

Tracy brought her homemade plum wine and carried the wife cakes all the way from Yuen Long for me... how thoughtful of her and I really appreciate it!

Hope to see you in Singapore soon, Tracy and Bobomilk!


  1. 天阿...
    羨慕阿 羨慕阿 真是好好喔....


  2. 塔塔

    等等等, 還有很多啊 :p

    Didn't get a chance to meet with 惠和 Iris, next trip 阿

  3. 好開心結識到你,你下次來港早d通知我等我有準備^^