Thursday, January 04, 2007

怀旧晚餐 (二) Down the memory lane dinners I I

怀旧的葡國雞, 咕嚕说葡國雞應該係由藍雨煮,其實我七岁前是在澳门住架,成日好怀念中意吃的萄国鸡, 咁我煮煮煮~~ ,吃到我超想要吃的東西,沒有超讚的手藝,算了,偶中意就好!!! 哈哈哈阿哈!

Reminiscing Portuguese Chicken Rice; it dated back to my childhood in Macau where I spent my first 7 years of my life. The fireworks, the early morning dim sum, the seafood, pork chop rice and this lovely Portuguese chicken with rice. I don't know why, I just love that sweet fragrance of coconut ... I just tried the dish in Crystal Jade here, but they cooked it with beef brisket, hmmmm.... not my cup of tea, so go home and make my own version of the dish from memory... Tasted just nice, heee....

Will load the picture after my home computer is repaired. Don't know what happened, but it went BLONK.... ARGH....


  1. mommydearest
    我也祝你新年快乐! 身體健康! 心想事成!

  2. hmmm,yummy,portugese chicken,I never tried this dish in Macau, sure it would be more authentic in there. Find any difference btw HK and Macau?

  3. mommydearest
    今年要整多d好野食 ^__^

  4. angfoo

    I ate this dish in Macau only, the Crystal Jade I mentioned is in Singapore. Nowadays, we have lots of HK cafe and one Crystal Jade Macau cafe :) !

  5. laam

    我也祝你新年快乐! 身體健康!

    My home computer is down, so can't upload my photos. Today the technican is coming, hope he can fix the problem :)

  6. i did try this dish in macau some years ago as my friends brought me to the very local macau restaurant. there are also other kinds of food, yummy..........

  7. Iris

    Yeah, just don't think about the calories, everything is NICE... did you try the Macanese Pudding?