Tuesday, January 02, 2007

怀旧晚餐 (一) Down the memory lane dinners I

怀旧的'火局'猪排饭 和 卤水蛋 ~~

Started the new year with all my favorite childhood dinner items...

Baked pork chop rice has always been part of my fond memory, sink my teeth into that nice juicy pork chop, with the sweet and sour taste of tomato, on top of fried rice.... ooooo..... of course put a layer of cheese on top is a nice touch, but not a must for me~~

Braised eggs are Britney's favorite, I prefer soya sauce chicken; never mind, her wish is my command when it comes to food I guess.

Bon Appetit!


  1. I made baked pork chop rice last week too.

  2. winpooh

    I am sure yours turned out great... How was your roast?

  3. mommydearest:the baked pork chop with rice surely looked delicious, it was also one of my favourite items when I was a teen. Never thougth of making it at home (may be a reduced calorie version) until I saw yours.

  4. The roast beef turned out ok, but it was a little bit over cooked. I will try it again next time. Thanks for your help Mommy.

  5. mom我遲來的祝福,祝你新年快樂!

  6. Angfoo

    It is very easy and you can do the lo-cal version by using lots of fresh tomatoes and vege, for the pork chop, use lean loin instead. Taste just as nice ah :)

  7. Winpooh

    Yeah, try it again next time. The better way will be to get it underdone a bit, let your mom take the outside cooked ones and you guys take the juicy inside part :)

  8. Mabel

    Thanks for greeting! You have a Blessed 2007 too!

  9. Roast - bake on high heat for a bit to brown the outside and lower the temperature to cook the inside. It will continue to cook when out of oven so make sure you take it out undercooked.