Tuesday, January 09, 2007

怀旧晚餐 (四) Down the memory lane dinners I V

鹹蝦蒸豬肉~~ 鹹蝦係澳门路環特產, 真係好怀旧架.... I remember when I was young in Macau; we would drive all the way to Coloane 路環 to buy prawn paste and salted fish. It is a small fishing village and we had to cross bridges from mainland; it seemed SO SO far away and suburb, what a nice memory! Suddenly thought of the prawn paste that I bought here, imported from Macau; all settled, will make steamed pork with prawn paste for dinner tonight!

晚餐同場加影: 醬油雞和卤水蛋,很美味 :) ....

Of course, must have other dishes as well...my favorite soy sauce chicken and Britney's favorite braised eggs.

Bon Appetit!


  1. 我有時都整 蝦醬蒸五花腩...
    好正! :p

  2. 藍雨

    五花腩好fattening :(

  3. 我整過蝦醬蒸豬頸肉ah~~

  4. Shrimp paste and pork,hmmm, yum..I always wanted to try this dish but hesitated because the kind of pork people use for this dish tend to be very fattening, did you use regular lean pork and what else was in there? Onion?

  5. Ohhh...the pork looks so good. I have not had that in a while. Did you put some chili peppers in it? Good....

  6. Alice

    Of COURSE, I added chili padi, jalapano haaa.... fiery!

  7. Angfoo

    I used lean pork because I just can't use any fat to cook any dish, all psychological, but then what to do?

    I added onion and chilli because onion will give it moisture n some sweetness, and I love chilli. Originally dish will not have onion, but can put some green onion instead!