Tuesday, January 30, 2007

香港之旅 (二之下) Hong Kong trip - Day 2 part II


The meeting I had been waiting for~~ Gals, thanks for taking the time in meeting me and all the lovely food you made for me,they are just lovely. Special thanks to Kulu in organizing the dinner, it was delicious amid all the laughters and sharings. Such a privilege to meet my sifu Bees, joyful Gigimoon, elegant Irene, thoughtful Lazycat, humorous Milkytiger, lovely Cheesey Mui Mui, baking Expert Mabel, can't believe she is so young Winky, sweetie MasterCat and of course our Chief Kulu!

....can't load all pics in one post, to be continued~~


  1. wow, what a party !!! mommydearest: 每人都要跟您影張相呢!! 很受歡迎哦!!

  2. angfoo

    They are SO NICE!!!! It was definitely a privilege to meet all of them.