Sunday, January 07, 2007

再見我的電腦 Good bye all my picture files and Chinese Softwares


吖吁吁呵, 珍惜眼前一切,包括您的電腦,最重要是做一個備用文件 (backup file), 唔好像我咁蠢,否則您將像我, 喊喊喊!

Yes, I KNOW... there is such a thing called file backup or something like that. But computer illiterate like me jus never realized my good ole PC at home can go "POOF" and says sayonora without warning. BUT this is life, I am back to scratch; zero Chinese, zero pix..., at least got a new hard disk so at least can write my blog at home.

Be patient, I have sent out SOS to my computer gurus overseas and I am sure they will get me started soon enough.

Until then, Blessed Sunday and don't forget

God LOVES you, each one of you!


  1. 咁而家即係點?

  2. 藍雨

    新hard disk, 重新裝過softwares ah!

  3. That's terrible but it happens. 您一定很心痛,不過算啦,再來過啦。

  4. angfoo

    But the problem is I am a computer idiot, I need help in EVERYTHING. My son tried to download the Chinese software for me from microsoft but it doesn't work... ahhhhhhhhhhh. All my Chinese now is cut and paste , IMAGINE....

  5. ooohhh, the same thing happened to me once, it was so horrible~ Good luck~