Wednesday, January 31, 2007

香港之旅 (3之上) Hong Kong trip - Day 3 part I

Time to spend some time with my parents, and they have decided to have dim sum with Aunty Lisa for brunch. Lovely food as usual and I get to eat all my favorite exotic dim sum dishes like chicken feet and beef tripes, yum...

After brunch, I have 5 hours of free shopping time before I meet them back for dinner. I went to Kwai Chung Plaza to shop for nice clothes for Britney. The sad thing is with the whole suitcase of new clothes for her, she only like ONE white jacket. Sigh....


  1. granpa-dearest and grandma-dearest looked radiant,esp grandpa who sat so straight.

  2. Yeah, for a 79 yr old he is in great shape!

  3. kidding ?? 79 ?? mommydearest, then I know where your youthful looking gene came from !!!! Not just he is in good shape, he is handsome too !

  4. angfoo