Monday, December 18, 2006

欢迎美少女回来 Welcome Home girls

两个世侄女从澳洲回星加坡度假,两姐妹是我囝囡青梅竹马的朋友,她们爸妈也是我们的好友,无所谓,无工人也要亲自煮一餐咖哩鸡为他们接风啦! 估唔到工人回乡两天,两天也煮煮煮...好彩宝刀未老,嘻嘻!

Welcome Home girls! Janet and Yolanda are my children's childhood friends and their parents hailed from HK many years ago and also our church friends. They just returned from Australia for holiday as they study there now. To celebrate the occasion, I cooked a curry chicken meal for them.

Funny, didn't intend to cook while my maid is home, and she has only been gone for 2 days and I cooked both days.... hmmmm...... AND YES, I did the dishes too :)

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