Thursday, December 21, 2006

纪念狗狗 Goodbye Rosie, we will miss you :(

喊喊喊,Uncle Albert 的狼狗Rosie 去世了,上个月在罗省还好好的...吖吁吁呵, 珍惜眼前人...珍惜一切!

Just heard from Alice that Uncle Albert's dog, Rosie, has been put down because of its brain tumor. How sad, we are so sorry to hear that. Just a month ago, Britney had such a great time playing with Rosie and Brody during Thanksgiving hols... sigh...

The brevity of life... It reminds me again to treasure every moment and don't take anything for granted.


  1. 我今天要去上海
    Merry X’mas

  2. Iris

    Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too! Have fun in Shanghai and buy MORE MORE MORE!