Monday, December 04, 2006

Pizza luncheon @ the Perch

Yummy pizza fresh out of oven in a matter of half an hour from rolling the dough out to my tummy... bravo...

Hey gang, I learned a very nice cream of squash soup, very healthy and tasty... one of these days will cook for you, ok?

Let me tell you how tasty was that pizza that Albert just "SO HAPPENED" threw together; yes, he insisted that it is VERY easy, and but sure tasted more difficult than it sounded. It was heavenly, with lots of mushrooms and yellow capsicum; by the way, Albert made the sausages himself by "throwing in some of this and some of that" in the meat... I think I will go home and try to start throwing and see how my pizza turns out.

To round off the lunch, we had lovely goatcheese cheesecake; no need to say more~~ I am going to throw away my scale..

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