Monday, December 04, 2006

Last Sunday before departure tomorrow

You won't believe what we did this morning... I guess you are smart enough that this whole trip is about shopping n eating besides Disneyland. YES, we started today MORNING with shopping.

No prize for guessing what time we headed out to Disney Store for our last day of shopping and to fill up the little gap in our suitcases home. 6:30 AM, yes, that is what time we started out to Anaheim, we arrived at 7.10am, and the store doesn't start UNTIL 9 am. Crazy, right? WELL, just to tell you that there are people even EARLIER than us with chairs and all. Didn't have the courage to ask the first in queue what time they went to queue up, but almost 2 hours in the cold got us into the shop at first round. Don't we all look like refugees?

We didn't finish shopping till noon, the queue to cashier was about an hour, and just ringing up the purchases took another half hour. JUST for you information, I was very disciplined and didn't get much...sigh... not that I controlled myself, just that they mostly had winter clothings that I couldn't buy back... oh well, it was nice experience nevertheless~~

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