Tuesday, December 12, 2006

早到的圣诞蛋糕 Joeux Noel


Christmas is coming to town... yeah, a bit early but then I will not have time to make anything for this Christmas season because my maid is going home for Christmas... so I will be the MAID for one month. HOW in the world I will have time to make cakes or even cook dinner? Just thinking of all the laundry is making me break into hives, yikes!

所以趁她未飞前,用popo,咕咕,Irene和Tendy寄来的St Dominque 70% chocolate 和我刚从美国买回来的stencil,整出这个糕糕应节~~

I used the dark chocolate that Popo, Louisa, Irene and Tendy sent me for my birthday, and also used the stencil that I bought from US to make this Truffle Noel!

Bon Appetit!