Saturday, December 30, 2006

生日晚餐 Birthday Dinner for Allen

昨日星期五是好友Allen的生日,他也是我教会的好弟兄,两个宝贝与我的囝囡同年同班,青梅竹马,很难得的family friends!

Yesterday was Brother Allen's birthday! He is a good brother in Christ, great family friend and a terrific father all rolled in one. His two daughters are my kids' same age and went to same school since Kindergarten. I am just so happy that he and his family has been worshipping in the same church for the past 6 years, pray that God will continue to bless him and his family in years to come!

祝Allen主内平安! 神永远保守!

Just made a simple meal (without my maid is such a handicap :(, sigh) to celebrate this occasion, I made the lousiest steamed cake for him as Pauline and Allen prefer things less sweet; imagine my sadness when I saw the nicely risen steamed egg cake SUNK in front of my eyes when i took it out of the steamer... At least they were very nice n said they love it and even take home all the leftover cake.... ARGH!

Happy Birthday Allen, God bless you continuously and let's continue to pray for Pauline's salvation! IN HIS TIME!


  1. Thanks Mommy first. I bought the beef yesterday and I will cook it today. Hopefully, it will turn out good.

  2. winpooh

    great, I am sure it will turn out great.