Wednesday, December 20, 2006

聖誕, 聖誕 Christmas is coming to town

五曰後就是聖誕節喇! 我知道很多朋友都为这普天同庆的大日子忙碌,在美国时,大多数人十二月初就怖置聖誕树,十五号後就烤曲奇送给亲朋,二十四号又煮大餐来庆祝...星加坡就没有那么注重,只买礼物开派对...

身为基督徒,我真惭愧,在忙碌中忘了聖誕節的真谛;就是耶稣两千多年前誕生在这世界,传扬神的愛,为救我们,为我们死,耒赎我们的罪,使我们得永生,有希望! 感谢主祢给我这聖誕礼物,钱买不到,人做不到的大礼物!

Five more days and it will be Christmas, a lot of people are still busy in preparation of this big day in Singapore. Look at the shopping malls can tell that many people celebrate this day with exchange gifts and throwing dinner parties. Not long after, 2007 will be round the corner.

As a Christian, Christmas holds a special significance as it is to celebrate Christ's birth over 2000 years ago. It was God's gift of love to us that He sent Jesus to come to share the good news with us. The gift of salvation , the gift of eternal life when we believe in Jesus that He came and died for our sins 2000 years ago. And that we are willing to acknowledge Him as our Lord and Savior.

Sigh... I am ashamed that in the midst of all the celebrations that I often forget the real meaning of Christmas and miss the opportunities to share with others this good news. Late is better never though, Thanks for reminding me, Pastor Andy Wong!


  1. 真的很有聖誕節的氣氛
    我今年 想要一顆聖誕樹

    不過 Sophie 我一定會拍很多照片的

  2. 塔塔



  3. Merry Christmas^^ 來年日日都Happy!

  4. 上面的匿名者是我呀!

  5. Merry Christmas Mommy. Ar u going to have a big feast on the 24th.
    I have a question. I want to make roast beef, but I'm not sure what kind of beef I should buy since it has so many kinds.
    I want to buy it from safeway. So, below is the list they sale for the beef.
    1.Bone in beef ribeye roast
    2.Boneless beef lion NY strip roast
    3.Boneless beef bottom round roast
    4.Boneless beef cross rib roast

  6. 期待緊您一家開心過聖誕ge相相呀~

  7. 11

    Thank you, Merry Christmas to you and your family too. Are you going to HK Disney for their Christmas parade and firework? Am I right to say you are another DIsney Craze like my children :) ?

  8. Winpooh

    I always prefer bone in for roasts, somehow it is more moist. During my LA trip, had a few times of primeribs roast, so yummy.

    I will recommend you bone in beef ribeye roast; just use kosher salt and black pepper and garlic powder to season for awhile. I sometimes like to put some mustard or mixed herb over the roast too, but that depends on you.

    Make sure you don't overcook it, use a meat thermometer and do it a bit underdone as the roast will continue to cook for half hour. Take out of oven, cover with cloth and let it rest for half an hour, that way juice will go back to the meat to make it all tender and juicy... let me know how it turns out... :)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Winpooh and to your family too!

  9. 咕嚕

    I don't even have 一顆聖誕樹 this year, no maid.... heeee

  10. Mickey and Millie 好得意

  11. Iris

    Yeah, my children love to go Disneyland, every year.... :)

  12. Thx Mommy for your detail explanation.I will try it,but I haven't decide if I want to cook or not since my sister and my bf recommend go out to eat for Christmas.

    Let me answer your question sin.
    I will go back hk .. I beleive is Jan 23 or 24. If you go back during that time. We can go out and have fun. hehe

  13. Cuteypinga

    Thanks, you tooooooo XDXDXD