Thursday, December 28, 2006

回顧2006 Looking back at 2006

还有四日2006年就过去了...突然间想想,我今年为神,为家人,为朋友,为教会,为同事做过了些什么啦? 如有成绩表的话,我有几多个红字,不合格啦?



念纪当天 事过境迁
人生幻变 无奈一张脸
遇困苦 心中百般愁
孤单感觉 谁願意接受

是祢一天 在我心中
柔声唤我 藏著接纳体谅
给我知 当走到人尽处


Four more days then it will be 2007~~ Tonight as I sit in front of the computer, I suddenly thought of what has happened during this whole year of 2006. Whether I have passed the tests... if there was a report card, what grade will God give me for what I have done this year; for HIM, for my family, for church, for my friends n for anyone that is in my life... Have I pass the tests? What have I done this year?

God, please forgive me for all the things I have done wrong, all the mistakes and most of all, my wilful attitude! God, you know my weaknesses, I surrender them all to you, I NEED YOU!


  1. Mommy I have some more questions about roast beef. When I searched for the recipt at foodnetwork, it recommended to use tenderloin of beef. If I buy the bone-in beef ribeye roast as you told me before, what shall I put on the beef before I put it in the oven.. is it just salt and black pepper. Also, how far shall I cook since my family don't really like the beef too raw. How can I tell when is ready. One last question is do I have to make any sauce for it. Sorry!!! I have so many questions.

  2. What a wonderful song,人生幻变無常,幸好有神在引牽!祝你新年快樂!

  3. Winpooh

    I like bone in beef because I like ribs and I find it is more juicy overall. You can put a mustard glaze over the beef before you roast or just black pepper and KOSHER salt. Kosher salt is not as salty. You can test the doneness of beef by using meat therometer; look at the guideline as to which temp for which level of doneness, I think 160 degrees sh be more than enough.

    For the sauce, use the dripping from the beef if you use rack or just use chicken or beef stock and add herb to make the gravy.

    Blessed 2007 to you n your family, Winpooh!

    If you have any more question, do let me know.
    email me:

  4. Mrs Leung

    yes, it is a very meaningful song! God is the only one who NEVER CHANGE, amen.


  5. mommydearest: I am sure your family and friends will give you straight A on the report card! I don't know about myself, I dont even have the gut or courage to ask others to rate me for what I have done in 2006 'cause I have done a lousy job. Anyway, hope you and your family will have a great year in 2007!!!!

  6. 卒之上到黎啦~~mommy我個日同你傾得不知幾開心~點知第二日就上到msn同blog,嗚嗚~而家上到黎啦~希望下次長假再傾~!