Thursday, October 19, 2006

伟强O level 第一关过了 The beginning of Bryan's O level exams

好开心, Bryan今日考完O level 科学的practical exam; 感谢主,一切顺利,至少是一个好的开始,多
谢各弟兄姐妹们的祷告. 为庆祝这个好开始,特别做了这个纽约芝士蛋糕,加添Bryan喜愛的朱古力

Today was Bryan's first O level exam, and it was his Science practical. He thought he did quite well, thank God for that. To celebrate a good beginning, made this cheesecake specially for him. I added toll house chocolate chips inside as he LOVES them, and please look at those heart chocolate, I used truffles to make them, nice, right?

讲明要庆祝,当然要有好野食啦....看那又多肉又好味的烧牛骨,是Nicky远道从加州带回来,Uncle Thomas 悉心烤煮,特别vacuum pack後再急冻,送给我这贪吃之人的,太好味了,多谢Thomas and Eva ! 伴莱是Eurasian Stew, 沙律,薯泥,墨西哥脆饼及自制salsa! 很丰富耶!

To have a celebration, there must be GREAT food! And tonight's main dish hails all the way from LA, it is beef ribs a la Thomas.... talk about succulently good, this has to be it... MY FAVORITE of all favorites, bbq beef ribs. So kind of Eva n Thomas to vacuum pack and quick froze for me, really appreciate every morsel of them. I also made Eurasian stew, green salad, mashed potato, tortilla with salsa to complete the dinner!

Thanks again, Eva and Thomas for the lovely beef ribs!


  1. Wow, you were able to wait until now to have the ribs? There should be more when you come over in November. They know that is your favorite!!!

  2. Alice

    I must wait for an OCCASION to savour it; it took lots of self control, heeee...

    I promise Nick that I will freeze some to bring back for him on my next trip. He only got a couple of bites from my 2 ribs X)

  3. 你o的仔女拍拖未呢?

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  6. 感謝讚美主!

  7. 哈哈, 咁岩既, 又係芝士餅, 我地交換啦, 你果個有朱古力粒豐富d, 係呢, 你係咪都好鐘意玩"食玩"果d玩具呢, 我都有好多架, 但未得閒拆哂出黎同佢地一一影相添

  8. Judy

    谢谢呵! 為其它的事情再禱告下去!!!

  9. 泡泡茶


    你果個芝士餅sure nicer than mine la