Saturday, October 28, 2006

咕噜效应-肋骨骨 BBQ ribs dinner

咕噜好介绍,要我整猪排肋骨做晚餐...整好啦, BBQ 酱自制架...

BBQ ribs dinner tonight, Louisa insisted yesterday that I should make this for dinner tonight, so of course I must oblige, right? I made the bbq sauce myself with the dripping, tomato sauce, worchestershire sauce and lots of spices... very yummy!

这是New Orleans Chicken Gumbo, 好好味,我加了芹菜及烧鸡!

Introducing New Orleans Chicken Gumbo, actually bought the spices from Disneyland... I just added the roast chicken chunks, celery and onion to complete it... YUMMY



  1. WOr.. I love to eat BBQ ribs, but I only make it once a year during thanksgiving. Also, I don't really like the BBQ sauce that I bought it from supermarket. Mommy would u mind to share your homemade BBQ sauce.

  2. o華!正屎~

  3. 哈哈~ 好開心呀, 好鬼正呀~ weekend正餸~

  4. winpooh

    This one is DEFINITELY one of my kids' MANY favorites, mine is definitely beef ribs instead of pork ribs. Nevertheless, it is GREAT.

    The homemade BBQ sauce is very convenient:

    1 cup meat dripping from your roast
    1/2 cup ketchup
    1/4 cup Lea & Perrin worchestershiresauce
    3 tbsp brown sugar or sugar
    1 tsp salt
    1 tbsp black pepper and mixed herbs (garlic powder, oregano, thyme, whatever you have in kitchen)
    1 tsp dark soy sauce if u like color darker
    1 tbsp corn starch

    1. heat dripping , skim off fat
    2. put in the rest except corn starch, boil
    3. taste if it is your desired taste, should be tangy and sweet
    4. adjust seasoning
    5. use a little bit of flour to mix with conrstarch, put in to thicken sauce


  5. 藍雨

    好食到我囡话要我整比班同学食添 :)

  6. 咕嚕

    伛地要多谢你猛叫我整,我很少自制bbq酱,只用dripping ja x)

  7. GOOD! I love BBQ!
    Thank you very much for the recipe of the BBQ sauce! It's great and I will try it some time!

  8. thank you mommy