Sunday, October 29, 2006

甜蜜的十三年 Cindy and David's 13th Wedding Anniversary

今曰(actually it is MONDAY ah, too tired can't wait till midnight, sorry)是好姐妹Cindy和教会执事老公David的十三週年结婚纪念, 时间过得真快,九年前睇住么女出世,又十年.


13 years of sweet marriage, how nice that is! Today ( should be October 30th, but I am just WAY TOO SLEEPY to wait for another half an hour more) is my good friend Cindy n my church deacon David's 13th Wedding Anniversary, HOW SWEET! Still remember seeing their second daughter born 9 years ago, how time flies.

I have made this cake for them for the occasion, it is a new combination: green tea sponge cake with mango cubes inside the mango mousse cake. Surprisingly green tea can go well with mango, not bad. Hey Tracy, see how useful your heart shape cutters are.... thanks again.

Wish the sweet couple more happy years together, and may God bless them and their family abundantly!


  1. o的心心cut得好靚.Mommy差不多日日都一做一個蛋糕.真係勤力.

  2. Thank you sister Sophie as ALWAYS for her thoughtfulness and always selfless giving and sharing so much to her friends around.
    These 13 years, God has unceasingly Blessed our marriage with his LOVE & MERCY, 2 chubby daughters and a very good helper at home.
    God sure promised me that if we honour HIM, he will Honour us ~!~
    OOHHH... the cake was yummy!
    Thank you! *MUACK*

  3. mommy 真係日日整 cake...:p

  4. mommy,

  5. winpooh85

    心心cutters系laam从香港寄来的! So sweet of her!

  6. elaine