Sunday, November 26, 2006

Prime Rib & Beef ribs dinner @ Eva & Thomas' Saturday

I will just let the pictures do all the talking.... only thing I want to highlight is that this is after my breakfast at the Perch, then Japanese luncheon, and NOW my favorite prime rib and beef ribs dinner --- MY WEIGHT MY WEIGHT MY WEIGHT, guess I will sleep on it!

Stuffing and Potato Au Gratin, yummmm

Grilled sea bass, look how big it is, imagine the size of the whole fish, woah!

BBQ beef ribs

Look how nice the prime ribs turn out, perfect, bravo Thomas & Eva

The chefs at work


  1. wa wa wa, 咁多好野食, 環境又一流, 睇到我ah, 睇極都未完, 羨慕死人了~~

  2. wat a nice spread, its delicious

  3. 果然
    這幾天的照片 都是好吃的東西
    哈哈哈哈哈 太爽太爽了

  4. wa~~~
    你返o黎應該起碼肥o左 10 磅!xppp

  5. The prime rib made my mouth watery!

  6. Tendy

    Yeah, they are really GREAT food, learnt a lot too xp

  7. jingle26

    Yeah, they are just sumptuous!

  8. TaTa

    It was great talking to you on the phone, your voice matches you , heee! Exactly what I thought you would sound like!

  9. Yoyo

    I weighed myself this morning, ARGH, I have gained 7 pounds already, and one more week to go X(

  10. Mrs Leung

    My Aunty used the slow cooking method, so it was SO juicy and delicious....

  11. 嘩, 你地成日都有美食聚會, 真係開心又有口福勒

  12. WOrWorWor... So many delicious food. I'm drooling right now.
    Have u seen my favorite Disney character WINNIE THE POOH? Don't forget to take a picture with him. hehe.. Enjoy your rest of the time in LA. EAT MORE

  13. 泡泡茶

    Tonight I just cooked a Hainanese Chicken Rice dinner for them, just finished dinner, turned out quite ok :)

  14. Winpooh

    Don't know what happened, have not seen Pooh or his friends so far, never mind, next three days will be Disneyland before heading home. I will go in search of Pooh for you and Wai and Mastercat :)