Tuesday, November 07, 2006

锡晒你呀老公 Thank You Darling for your thoughfulness

今日是我生日, 老公预早买了花和靓靓card, at midnight 给我 !!! 好幸福呀! 感謝神给我甜蜜的老公 ~~~

Right at the stroke of midnight, darling daddy dearest as usual brings in his lovely birthday card and lovely flowers to wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So sweet of him, AS USUAL!

For the past week, with our wedding anniversary and birthday; my house has been filled with bouquets and bouquets of lovely flowers. Even my regular florist commented that I am a lucky lady who always receives flowers from many people (my friends ask her to deliver bouquets to my house too, so she knows).

Indeed, I am truly blessed with so many loving friends as I said in my previous post. But I really thank God for my longsuffering and patient hubby who is always so sweet and kind and patient and gentle and .... to me! I really believe that God has big plan for daddy dearest, and in His Time, CC will receive Jesus as his personal Savior and we as a whole family can serve God together. I claim the promise that "God will sanctify the household of the saints.." Yeah!


  1. hehe~~
    mommy 好幸福!

  2. 原來今日先係~~生日快樂呀~~~

  3. 藍雨

    係呀 ~~~ 老公好好呀 :)

  4. 幸福的媽咪我愛你真令人巧羨慕啊...

    祝媽咪我愛你, 生日快樂到飛起..haha ^0^

  5. Wai