Sunday, November 26, 2006

Baking lesson II - Pear Tart

This is the lightest and nicest pear tart I have ever eaten. I am also very thankful that Albert is willing to share with me his expertise and tips on making this yummy dessert. I just hope that when I go back to Singapore, I can make one as nice as his without my si fu by my side :)
Lots of steps and very time consuming, but if you have taken a bite of this delicious tart, you realize that all the hardwork is worth it.
Don't think you can just put the pears and custard filling in, no no no, need to bake it a bit first the master says.
Need to bake the crust with some weights inside, that way the pastry will be light and very fragrant.

I think I better practice how to roll out the pastry first ... not as easy as it looks here.
It will be a great challenge to make this tart in Singapore because of the weather. I am quite doubtful at this moment :( ... oh well, no venture no gain, we will see...

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