Sunday, November 26, 2006

Baking lessons at the Perch - Cinnamon Rolls

Aromatic freshly baked cinnamon rolls... so satisfying to see them from flour to this lovely creation, then to our tummy for breakfast... thanks Albert for teaching me and demonstrating it despite the fact that we went shopping right after Thanksgiving dinner. Note: the shopping was from midnight the night before to 9am the yesterday morning. This baking lesson was done after our dim sum lunch and straight to the kitchen, because Albert invited us for breakfast at the Perch this morning. Talk about energetic... salute!

This is after rising for a couple of hours, it must be the cold weather, at the end we needed to put it in a warm oven to continue proofing it.

So fresh the teacher looks, who would have guessed that he hasn't sleep for at least 36 hours already, and he had to prepared for the Thanksgiving dinner the night before...

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