Tuesday, November 14, 2006

重温加州迪士尼 Disneyland, here we come

这是我去年十一月在迪士尼乐园拍的,不知道下星期再去时,遇唔遇到Mickey, Minnie 和 Pluto ? 有的话,一定会拉住他们再影张相先得.... 这几曰忙著收拾行李,可能要等到我回来後才再post, 如果在美国有电脑的话,一定出post给你们报告行情....在期间你们有什么需要,可在此留言或email,我会看,但回答只有英文,因无软件,请见谅!

预祝各位感恩节快乐! 主祝福你们!

This photo was taken in Anaheim during last Thanksgiving Holiday. I was so happy to see my favorite characters Mickey n Minnie; and of course will grab all opportunities to take pictures with them. I hope I get to meet them again next week there; and can post the picture for all of you to see whether I have become prettier this year, haaaa....

I have been very busy preparing for this US trip; and may be this is my last post before I come back from LA. I will try to post my newest pictures there if I have the opportunity. And if anyone of you needs to contact me or leave words for me, please do so here at my blog or email me at Yahoo. I will try to read and reply whenever possible.

Till then, cheers & God Bless!

Have a great THANKSGIVING!


  1. 耶 我第一 我第一

    Can you please call you while you are here? I 'd like to talk to you.
    oh....can't wait to hear your voice.

    Safe trip.....take care for now.

  2. 哈哈~~
    mommy 去幾耐,幾時返?

  3. Rare to have both Micky and Minnie together in one picture. We will hunt them down.

  4. 去咁多日?

  5. 藍雨

    :) , 公司 no eye see... as long as someone answers my calls, will be ok. THat is why my colleagues also go overseas travel often...

  6. 不過你公司o的人又真係成日周圍去咁...=="

  7. 藍雨

    係ah, one is in LA right now, another one going to Russia after I leave this Sunday. Another one will go to New Zealand too... heee... we have to ask each other's schedule so make sure we have someone to cover us

  8. MOM 玩得開心的!寫多些旅記回來。

  9. 妳又去呀!我今日又去呀!玩得開心些^^

  10. Mabel & 11


  11. Have a safe trip, may God be with you wherever you go!