Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Mommy Dearest 廚房 - 泰式芒果糯米飯


soak the rice overnight
steam on banana leaves for 25 to 30 min (depending on the brand of rice)
fluff it and if too hard, sprinkle more water and steam for another 5 minutes
boil the coconut cream with sugar and a dash of salt, put some into the rice after it is cooked, leave it for 5 minute to infuse
stir and all ready to be served with mango, more coconut cream to serve on the side
ad hoc birthday cake

現在係芒果季節,又香又甜又好吃(唱下歌先),咁最好係整個泰式芒果糯米飯做甜品,家人好鍾意食㗎 (食完晚飯咁飽都食得落)。