Thursday, February 06, 2014

VVVIP公公婆婆到 - 新加坡一日遊

breakfast @ Queen's street 
award winning
try it 
sounds good 
tastes ok, but our target is bak kut teh 
of course see raw fish and fried fish skin, must try  
Daddy says look nicer than the ones in Sydney 
do some shopping 
sis' favorite tidbits 
yes, not healthy 
once in awhile 
nice cuttlefish 
sweets for CNY 
look at the crowd 
absorb the festivity 
lots of people 
and flowers 
CNY fruits 
this is what we come for 
delicious turtle and bak kut teh 
try the shark meat and cold cut 
worth coming back to get it 
these are not very nice 
good lunch


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