Sunday, February 02, 2014

Mommy Dearest 廚房 -- Curry Devil

great to eat w bread or rice
prepare ingredients 
this is the worst part of prep 
then will be a breeze 
smells good 
can't wait 

bon appetit
Curry Devil (Eurasian dish)

Ingredients :

1 chicken or 3 lb bacon bones– season with salt and pepper. Stir fry and put aside
Roast Pork – stir fry and put aside
1 can luncheon meat – cut into chunks . Stir fry and put aside
1 can small sausages
1 cucumber – remove centre and cut into thick strip
1 carrot – cut into thick strip
4 potatoes – halved
3 big onion – quartered- stir fry and put aside
slice ginger – 4 slices
mustard seed – 1 tablespoon
water – 500ml
1 tablespoon of mustard (optional)

Blend finely (A) Mix (B)
Buah keras (candlenuts) – 15                    
Tomato sauce (big bottle) – ¼ bottle
Dry chilli – about 50 Vinegar– 5 tablespoon
Chilli padi – about 10 Light soya sauce
Shallots – about 30
Big onion – 2
Garlic – 3


1. Use oil to fry (A), slice ginger and mustard seed till fragrant.
2. Add in cabbage, potatoes and carrot.
3. Add in water.
4. Add in chicken, roast pork, luncheon meat, sausages and onion
5. Add in (B)
6. Add more water if too thick and add salt and sugar to taste. Adjust taste accordingly.
7. Lastly add in cucumber and serve.

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